Watermelon, would you rather have a carpaccio or a tartare? Cologne or balmy version?

[HAPPY VEGGIE] I have no special bloody crave, I swear.. But.. watermelon would you rather have it in carpaccio or tartare? because – yes we can!

Carpaccio comes with cucumber for extra freshness. Use a  mandolin and watch your fingers!.. Infuse finely sliced mint in liquid cream (you may use a lite version). Some grains as usual for the crunch and omega bonus. Spread some salt crystals. From translucent textures to subtil seasoning, it should be almost like drinking a fresh Cologne. Crisp and refreshing.

For tartare, a contrasted approch . Tartare is normally much more roborant and feeds these chunky heavy guys playing rugby.. let’s go for something munchier, spicier.

tartare5I chose to combine celery with watermelon, which is very watery like cucumber. In the tartare recipe the idea was more to intensify the flavours than “diluting” them

Instead of Worcestershire sauce and mustard, I made a chili-feta salt . This combination reminds me of the delicious plates of watermelon and feta eaten by the beach in Israel, between salted dish and dessert. The recipe: watermelon cubes + celery cubes (  you may  steam them quickly for a very tender texture, interesting contrast with watermelon) + chili-feta salt + fresh almond and cilantro condiment+tiny beets of raw beetroot. With its earthy flavour it litteraly roots the dish and makes it more “solid” .

Fresh almond has a specific balmy spell, reminding me of the Cleopatre glue I used when I was in school. Such an enticing smell that all children felt like eating the glue rather than using it.. Hence it was totally worth spending some time peeling the fresh almonds, making an old dream coming true!  The fresh almond smell is very narcotic. It links and blends perfectly with all other ingredients.  A soothing balm to taste!


So, carpaccio ou tartare? what is your summer favorite?

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Sakura- sake-cherry ice cream, straight trip to Tokyo

[LOVE TIP ] If I had to pick up 3 fragrances/flavors to sum up Japan, I would for sure opt for matcha, yuzu and .. sakura (cherry blossom flowers) ! I was lucky enough to be in Japan some years ago precisely at the time of cherry blossom and still to this day vividly cherish these memories. By the way I can’t resit sharing with you some pics taken this year by a Japanese friendsakura JUnko

sakura Junko3Isn’t this amazing?

One of my friends brought me back recently some salt pickled cherry blossom. I have been wondering what kind of recipe I could come back with with such a special treat. And this is how this ice cream recipe emerged!

It combines the delicate aromas of cherry blossom with a special milky sake (brought back from Kyoto), with some fresh fruity cherries (home made jam)…

sakura ice cream

sakura ice cream

For 4: Easy but needs some ahead planning : 20 cl of liquid cream, 70g of condensed milk, 10 cherry blossom, 10 cl of saké (you can substitute with cherry liquor) , 3 ss of cherry jam, fresh cherries to serve (optional) 

1. Soak the flowers in fresh water and rince at least twice. Then let them infuse in sake at least for a whole night.

2 Whip up the cream into Chantilly. Add the condensed milk, the sake and the cherry jam.

3 Put it in the freezer for at least 3 hours

4 To serve, garnish with fresh cherries. This ice cream is also super good with black sesame ice cream!

sakura ice cream

So, are you ready to taste a bit of Tokyo? Let me know & enjoy your week!

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Tuna tataki with smoked chili, lime and garlic

[LOVE TIP] It’s incredible how a good marinade can change the game. I had some tuna in the freezer and wasn’t really motivated to cook it. But this recipe changed my mind. It’s very easy and fast to prepare provided you have all the ingredients at bay. So once you will be done with your shopping it will be almost done.. To serve with a goi, a Vietnamese coleslaw seasoned with tons of fresh herbs, black vinegar and sesame oil. tataki

Tataki :  300g of tuna, juice of half lime, sesame oil 1 ss of soy sauce, 1 ts of smoked chili, 2 garlic cloves, 1 ts of grilled rice powder.

Goi (Vietnamese coleslaw): 1/2 green spring cabbage, 1 carrot, shiso, chives, 1/2 lime juice, 1 ss of black vinegar, 1ts of soy sauce, 1 ts of fish sauce, 2 garlic cloves, 1 unseeded red chili, 1 ts of sugar, 1 ss of oil

1. Slice the tuna and marinate with all ingredients EXCEPT for the lime used to serve (or it will cook your fish) for 20′. The grilled rice powder will enrich the flavours and is a perfect combination with sesame oil.  You can prepare it easily at home or buy it ready made in exotic stores.

2.  Mince the cabbage and grate the carrot . Clean and chisel the herbs (you could replace shiso and chives by mint and cilantro). Season with all other ingredients. The oil will help give a nice soft texture to the cabbage. This is the only recipe where I combine lime AND black vinegar , fish sauce AND soy sauce. But it is really worth it, once you will have taste the depth of the flavours I bet you will stick to it.You can prepare this sauce ahead of time and stock it for 2 weeks at least in the fridge

3. Grill the tuna quickly in a pan

4. Serve with fresh salad and goi. Enjoy!

You like it? share it!:) Sniffkiss!

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Cheesecake with elderflower and red fruits #doubleservings

[BONNE MINE] If you are a cheesecake lover, this recipe is for you! this is a baked version, flavored with elderflower syrup and red fruits. If you don’t have elderflower at hand you can totally susbtitute with lemon zest and juice.


This is what I prepared to thank a special press delivery and customized coaching session! :)

Ingredients : 2 eggs, 1/2 pack of Philadelphia cheese, 250 g of cottage cheese, 5 ss of elderflower syrup (or 3 ss of sugar+ juice and zest of an organic lemon), 10 cookies (I used some speculoos for extra flavour, but you can use regular shortbread cookies), 75g of butter or a mix of 3 ss of olive oil+2 ss of honey+lemon juice , 250g of red fruits to serve.
1 Whip up the whites. Add the philadelphia cheese, the cottage cheese and elderflower syrup.
2 Scramble the biscuits, add the melted butter or olive oil mixture.
3 Bake the bottom at low temperature (4-5) for 10′. Retrieve from oven and let it cool at external temperature. Add the white cheese mix and put it back in the oven for 20′.
4. Once cooked, let it cool and then serve with red fruits
Sorry about the finger prints… I wanted to check if it was cooked, added some cherry blossom flowers brought back from Tokyo, retrieved them…A bit of a mess really…

But this recipe comes with a  bonus : once your guests will leave and that you will be free to pick up all the remaining rapsberries.. you can have the final serving for breakfast with some strawberries. Yes We Can! Do you usually smirk on the remaining parts of the dessert? or is it just me praying for some to be left?

Sniffkiss and enjoy your weekend!

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Blanc-Manger with orange blossom water and pistacchio

[HAPPY VEGGIE]  If I tell you tartare and fries, pizza, beer and sausage, will you answer me testosterone and football match? Is this innate or acquired taste? Do you have to be a man to like sausage and a woman to like salad? Do you think there is a feminine touch when it comes to cooking?

Yesterday, I had some thinking about this because we were having a girls dinner. Girls only – dinner. I was in charge with the dessert. Well, what would be an ideal girls dessert? pavlova? chocolate? tapiocal pearls?..At the end I wanted something light and fun..just like our small talks! something cute and appealing… just like us! and primary and foremost something that would be really good and tasty

So I came with a blanc manger fragranced with orange blossom and pistacchio , a blend between a mouhallabieh, a delicious Lebanese rice cream, and a Morrocan orange salad flavored with mint and cinnamon.  You name it, I wanted to bring some sun along!

Blanc manger fleur d'oranger pistaches

Blanc manger fleur d’oranger pistaches

For 6, 35′, easy: 3 oranges, mint, orange blossom, 250g of soft white cheese, 100g of mascarpone, 50g of agar agar  (you can also use some gelatine for a softer texture, but it is extracted from pork bones, so I’m not totally at ease..), 4 ss of sugar , 1 handful of pistacchios, cinnamon (optional), honey (optional)  

1- Peel the oranges and slice them. Add a ts of blossom water, 3 sprifs of mint and a pinch of cinnamon

2- Melt the agar agar in 250 ml of water. Retrieve from fire and add white soft cheese, mascarpone, orange blossom water and sugar . Let it cool a little

3- In a mold arrange the slices of orange in the bottom. Pour the liquid on it and let it fully cool

To serve : unmold the blanc manger. Use the remaining oranges and pistacchios to ornate. If you wish, you can pour some honey here and there. When you slice it the oranges will add a beautiful touch of colour. Enjoy!

NUTRIgastronomie: Orange Blossom water is a natural soothing ingredient that will enhance your sleep. Agar agar is naturally very filling so perfect for diets..

What about you? what do you like to prepare when you have a girls night? do you have some special dish? Please share!:)


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Happy Easter! Chocolat hazelnut pearls and pineapple brunoise



For all the bubble tea lovers, here is a nice twist for Easter, an easy quick tasty recipe!

1-Warm chocolate hazelnut mylk (I used Bonneterre’s already made one that I recently discovered and is very yummie). Add a spoon of cocoa powder to boost the chocolate taste. Mix with 3 soup spoons of tapioca pearls . Let it simmer for 10 minutes, mixing it slowly to prevent it from sticking. It will be ready when the pearls get translucid .

2- Cut 1/4 of pineapple in small cubes (“brunoise” as we call it should be 2mm size cubes) Set aside

3- To serve : pour the chocolate pearls in 4 small bowls. Add the pineapple cubes. Enjoy!

This can be eaten mildly warm or cold.


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Mrs White Chocolate Matcha is waiting for her little strawberries..

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Let’s get straight to the point: This is an emergency sweet that will take you no more than 5′ to prepare. And it’s absolutely irresistible…

White chocolate and matcha cream

White chocolate and matcha cream

Melt 50g of good white chocolate in the microwave. You need to dilute it with a soup spoon of water. Add a ts of matcha and mix well.

It’s ready! Dip your strawberries in there and enjoy!

This is a kind of trailer recipe… More to come on the subject, stay tuned!


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Time for green juice! #spring

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Spring is in the air in Paris! at last! 1st terrace with a nice green juice at  Bob’s Bakery with a green juice

Jus vert

Jus vert @Bob’s Bakery

If like me, you’ve had your share of coffee and feel tired at the end of the winter, now is a good time to increase your intake of alkaline food. Green juices are an excellent option. Within 3 days I have already felt a difference!


1- mango, spinach, banana (pic above)

2- cucumber, apple, celery, mint (one of my absolute favorite)

3- salad (try it!), cucumber, fennel, banana, ginger

4- pear, avocado, lemon, salad

5- grape (unseed it before and go organic if you can), cucumber, kiwi

BONUS– because I am color blind, here comes a red one, loaded with anti-oxydants that will help you detox thanks to the beetroot : I use raw beetroot, rapsberries, lemon and ginger.  It’s absolutely delicious. 

Kale green Smoothie http://wp.me/p389oa-EA

Kale green smoothie

Principle : a fruit that will bring some good sugar and consistency (mango, pear, banana, avocado, grape…) and tons of green leafs. I use a plain mixer. You don’t even need an extractor. I know that cold-pressed juices are the best in regards to nutrients. But at the end having a home-made juice with all the fibers  in 5′ also seems  a very good healthy option to me. As you may have noticed, no recipe with kale. I must say that I find it pretty bad tasting in smoothies.. And salad has proved to be as good an option. But for those who would still be tempted , you will find a recipe here!

NUTRIgastronomie: Meat (esp. red meat), eggs, seafood and fish, wheat and most carbohydrates, dairies, alcohol, coffee, (but also tea and cacao), fat and vegetal oils are acidifying your body. During the digestion all these ingredients will release uric acids and/or cetonic acids. 

On the contrary, green vegetables, fruits, potatoes, bananas, lemon (yes!) are alcaline and will help you rebalance your body. Beware  all oleaginous (except almonds and Brasil nuts) are acidic. I found peanuts and pistachios are especially “bad” . Same thing for leguminous like chickpeas.

When your diet is too unbalanced creating a too acidic pH, you are more likely to feel tired and develop diseases. From the most chronic (tooth decay, hair lost, stomach cramps, back pain..) to more severe ones (cancers, ostéoporose..).

So get green and have a good week!

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