Mrs White Chocolate Matcha is waiting for her little strawberries..

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Let’s get straight to the point: This is an emergency sweet that will take you no more than 5′ to prepare. And it’s absolutely irresistible…

White chocolate and matcha cream

White chocolate and matcha cream

Melt 50g of good white chocolate in the microwave. You need to dilute it with a soup spoon of water. Add a ts of matcha and mix well.

It’s ready! Dip your strawberries in there and enjoy!

This is a kind of trailer recipe… More to come on the subject, stay tuned!


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Time for green juice! #spring

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Spring is in the air in Paris! at last! 1st terrace with a nice green juice at  Bob’s Bakery with a green juice

Jus vert

Jus vert @Bob’s Bakery

If like me, you’ve had your share of coffee and feel tired at the end of the winter, now is a good time to increase your intake of alkaline food. Green juices are an excellent option. Within 3 days I have already felt a difference!


1- mango, spinach, banana (pic above)

2- cucumber, apple, celery, mint (one of my absolute favorite)

3- salad (try it!), cucumber, fennel, banana, ginger

4- pear, avocado, lemon, salad

5- grape (unseed it before and go organic if you can), cucumber, kiwi

BONUS- because I am color blind, here comes a red one, loaded with anti-oxydants that will help you detox thanks to the beetroot : I use raw beetroot, rapsberries, lemon and ginger.  It’s absolutely delicious. 

Kale green Smoothie

Kale green smoothie

Principle : a fruit that will bring some good sugar and consistency (mango, pear, banana, avocado, grape…) and tons of green leafs. I use a plain mixer. You don’t even need an extractor. I know that cold-pressed juices are the best in regards to nutrients. But at the end having a home-made juice with all the fibers  in 5′ also seems  a very good healthy option to me. As you may have noticed, no recipe with kale. I must say that I find it pretty bad tasting in smoothies.. And salad has proved to be as good an option. But for those who would still be tempted , you will find a recipe here!

NUTRIgastronomie: Meat (esp. red meat), eggs, seafood and fish, wheat and most carbohydrates, dairies, alcohol, coffee, (but also tea and cacao), fat and vegetal oils are acidifying your body. During the digestion all these ingredients will release uric acids and/or cetonic acids. 

On the contrary, green vegetables, fruits, potatoes, bananas, lemon (yes!) are alcaline and will help you rebalance your body. Beware  all oleaginous (except almonds and Brasil nuts) are acidic. I found peanuts and pistachios are especially “bad” . Same thing for leguminous like chickpeas.

When your diet is too unbalanced creating a too acidic pH, you are more likely to feel tired and develop diseases. From the most chronic (tooth decay, hair lost, stomach cramps, back pain..) to more severe ones (cancers, ostéoporose..).

So get green and have a good week!

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Lemon pineapple curd #raw

[HAPPY VEGGIE] If you like lemon curd, STOP, this post is for you.


But this  curd is a raw one, made with lemon but also pineapple, honey and 2 magic ingredients.

The first one is chia seeds more details here


Chia seeds will bind the fruit compote in a curd texture (and bring some omega 3). The main advantage here is that this curd is raw, so while exotic fruits lose some of their flavours when cooked, this pineapple will taste as fresh fruit!

The second magic ingredient? olive oil! Inspired by a recipe of 3 star chef Alain Passard who serves pineapple with a light emulsion of honey, olive oil and lemon. I have been prejudiced against olive oil in all desserts until I tasted this recipe. If possible pick an herbal green oil.

For a small jar

1/2 pineapple, 1/2 lime or lemon juice, 2 ss of honey, 4 ss of olive oil, 2 ss of chia seeds

1. Whip up the lemon juice with honey and olive oil like a mayonnaise

2. Mix the pineapple and add the emulsion

3 Add the chia seeds and mix up again. Let the chia seeds expand with the liquid. It will take 15 minuts or so

Enjoy! You can pretty much this raw compote/curd with pancakes, with yoghurt or use to further bake nice cakes..

You can also easily play around the recipe, replacing pineapple by rapsberries, olive oil by a combination of coconut juice with coconut oil.. Possibilities are endless and results.. Well.. As we say in French, une “tuerie”, litteraly to die for!


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Winter aromatic bouquet: aneth, turmeric and blood orange

[HAPPY VEGGIE/ LOVE TIP] If one day you go to Hanoi I strongly advise you to taste “cha ca”. It is a traditional dish with grilled fish where aneth and turmeric play a major role. This recipe inspired me the weekly recipe based on a vibrant and aromatic winter bouquet!

chaca2Whole sprigs of aneth are pan-fried like vegetables. They are served with grilled fish that has been marinated with garlic and turmeric. Add to this rice vermicelli, a bunch of aromatic herbs and you’re in paradise! It also traditionnaly comes with “mam”, a fermented fish sauce. I bet you would be half skeptical half giggling when discovering the colour of this sauce.. as it is vivid  fluorescent  purple! In a nutshell this stands as a vibrant and colourful dish…

As we are in the core of the winter, some light and colours are obviously welcome. So I prepared a quick sauce/marinade to pair a grilled salmon and crispy rice. I added some green radish for the freshness. Done!

cha ca

Sauce aneth-turmeric-blood orange:

2 ss of fish sauce, 1/2 blood orange juice, 1 clove garlic, 2 ss of sugar, 6 ss of water, 3 sprigs of aneth, 1 ts of curcuma (or better an inch of grated curcuma)

This sauce will be perfect with fish, vegetables, salad.. It is incredibly tasty and aromatic!

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Happy New Year! Chuc Mung Nam Moi! 新年快乐! #pheromone

[SNIFFKISS] Happy New Year of the goat to all! I prepared a special reminder list with a bonus for all the adventurers!



Reminder list

1- Don’t forget to wear something red

2- Don’t rush to your family’s and friends houses before having being invited to do so. On the contrary you may be THE trusted one they invited you : be the first one to enter their home so as to bring luck and joy for all the coming year

3- Don’t throw anything today. You may throw away some luck along…

4-  Burn some incense and pray with dedicated thoughts to your ancestors

5- On the menu “banh chung” for the Vietnamese, fish and noddles for the Chinese (as symbols of wealth and longevity). Banh Chung are  sticky rice- mungo beans-pork cakes wrapped into banana leaves, and simmered slowly for hours, which  gives them a really delicious aroma.

They come in square or long shape and are served with pickles. An even better option would be to slice them and golden them in a pan. They will be crispy on the outside and mellow in the inside. Don’t forget some seasoning : soy sauce, cà cuống and  pepper . Ok for those who don’t know, stay put:   ca cuong is the essence extracted from a kind of big beettle, more precisely it is its pheromone. Its flavour is very intense. It used to be very expensive and a real delicacy, traditionally praised in North Vietnam. Now thanks god it is artificially produced but I have a vivid memory of having seen a full batch of them as a child. I was kind of appalled ! Now you can boost your dish simply by pouring a single drop in a small bowl of seasoning. Try it! What a better way to start the new year with a dose of pheromone?!:)

6- Hong Bao, red enveloppes with new notes for children

Did I forget something? What have you planned for today? 

Enjoy your day! Sniffkiss to all!

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Irresistible crispy pistachio falafels

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Easy and healthy falafels (baked ones ), filled with tons of super nutrients, are you in? Playing around a super recipe by Green Kitchen Stories who inspired me to add grounded pistacchio to chickpeas.. These patties are so delicious!

Falafel salad

Falafel salad

Mix a can of chickpeas (250g) with tons of parsley, 1 ts of cumin, 3  cloves of garlic, 1/2 shallot, 1 ts of curcuma, & ts of paprika and a dash of olive oil. Don’t forget some salt

Shape in small patties and bake in preheated oven for 15′ at 7-8. I turned them over at mid time to make sure they turn out evenly golden and crispy. My tip, if you want extra crispiness add a soup spoon of rice flour!

Baked falafel

Baked falafel

To be served with salad leaves, cherry tomatoes and feta. This made my day! May be it will make yours as well!:)

Are you still looking for 5 good reasons to go for falafels? Here they are!


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Nems or bricks? that is the question

[LOVE TIP 30′] I’m sharing an easy but maxi rewarding recipe! Compared to regular nems you could even prepare this one with closed eyes. Plus no deep-fry which makes it all the more easy and healthy

Nem ou brick de thon frais

Nem ou brick de thon frais

Brick sheets are commonly used in Northern African-middle East cuisine. For me they are a little bit like coconut milk.. Because they are easy to stock, can be used for sweet and savoury dishes and change everything!

I happened to have frozen tuna, tons of tuna. But with this cold weather I wanted to indulge a bit and also craved something hot (so not ceviche!..). This recipe came to my mind. Instead of using canned tuna, I used “fresh” one with some Asian flavourings.. it was absolutely delicious! Try it!

For 15 nems/bricks:

Seasoning makes it all : 2 ss of olive oil, 1,5 ts of soy sauce, 1 ts of mirin, 2 grated cloves of garlic, cilantro, 1 pinch of grated ginger, pepper or  shishimi toragashi (Japanese 7 spices) 

Dipping sauce:  3 ts of soy sauce, 2 ss of black vinegar, 1 ts of sri racha, cilantro (optional) . you can replace black rice vinegar with balsamic or lime juice.

and of course : 5 brick sheets, 300 g of fresh tuna, cilantro, neutral oil

1. Cut the tuna is small pieces

2. Season with all the listed ingredients; mix well

3 Cut every sheet of brick in 3 lateral bands. Place a soup spoon of tuna, and close in triangles, to be rolled over one another. When you reach the end of the band simply fold the remaining piece of brick . Check this video (in French) that I found of traditional tuna brick recipe to see the folding:

4 Preheat the oven at 6-7. Oil slightly each nem/brick recto verso and bake for 8-10 minutes

5 Serve with the dipping sauce, salad, fresh herbs, pickles. If your nems/bricks are not too fat, you can even roll them into salad leaves before dipping.


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