Yuzu soba, radish, sesame and emadame #light #fusion #glutenfree

[HAPPY VEGGIE]  Pasta are not necessarily fattening.. Do you know soba, these buckwheat noddles commonly used in Japanese cooking? I discovered last week a yuzu version and could not resist. I already tried before some matcha version, but they were a bit deceiptive. But these ones, if you are a yuzu fan , are totally worth it. (FYI soba are gluten free)


It took me hardly 20′ to put together some finely sliced radish, boil some emadame and bok choi. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and flavor with a kombu sauce (already made).

In case you don’t have all these exotic ingredients at reach you can easily substitute emadame with peas or better feva beans; instead of bok choi go for brocoli or cress. I stop here the replacement list or you may well end up with a carbonara plate!

For the sauce you may also combine soy sauce with mirin (ok sugar+white wine..), and sesame paste (tahini is sold in organic stores or else you can find some versions in exotic stores as well)

I almost forgot, CILANTRO! no kidding.. it will change everything

Next time I will try with some fish eggs or clams and grilled nori..

Enjoy your week end, and for those who celebrate it, happy Eastern. Don’t forget the chocolate!:)


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Octopus fusion salad #ModernVietnamese

[NUTRIgastronomie] With spring now coming back, lunches are more often made of “meal salads”. I will share with you today a modern fusion octopus salad, which can be prepared ahead of time and easily assembled in 5′ right before lunch. How luscious is that?



For 2 : 1 small octopus, 2 laurel leaves, lemongrass, 1 lime, soy sauce, olive oil, sugar, 1 cucumber, salad, cilantro, 1 handful of grilled peanuts

- Octopus roll : Ash your favorite fishmonger to prepare it. Gently cook it in a broth for 1h30 with laurel, lime leaves, lemongrass, ginger and salt, cilantro seeds and pepper.

- When octopus is tender, wrap in cellophane (double sheet) and roll it. Let it cool and store in fridge so that shape remains well defined See octopus roll picture here

Salad and herbs : wash the salad, herbs (here cilantro) and slice the cucumber. Set aside

- Lime sauce : olive oil, soy sauce, freshly pressed garlic (1/2 clove), lime, 1 ts brown sugar. If you have time you can also infuse lime leaves. It gives a neat quick. This sauce can be stored for 10 days at least in the fridge.

Grilled peanuts : I always store some roasted and home-flavored peanuts (with lemongrass and chili). But if you want to seize any regular brand, it will just be also perfect. Crush them a little bit for more flavor (in a plastic bag, use a spatula)

Everything can be prepared ahead of time. At lunch time it takes 5′ to assemble everything


PS: Juice : mix 1 mandarine, 1 carrot, 1 dice of curcuma, 1 ts of honey and 1 ts of almond cream along with 25 cl of water. I mix everything so that fibers remain. Almond cream is optional but the inner fat enables to boost curcuma nutrients absorption.

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Happy Birthday: iced red fruits cheesecake and cacao truffle meringue

[LOVE TIP] Double Birthday this week : the blog and mine. Sniffkiss turns one with spring and I celebrate my 20 forever :)! Double Bday, double cake!

I looked into some of my favorite sweets books : Nigella Lawson, Rose Bakery, Green Kitchen Stories…and have chosen a meringue chocolate feuilleté, that I will make even more decadent with some truffle… And add to it a frozen cheesecake with red fruits, where mascarpone will be replaced by ricotta and where lime, lemon and pistachio will have their word…



Cacao truffle meringue. A bit long to prepare but totally worth it…

Preparation : 1h , baking : 1h, 15′ : dressing. For 6-8 persons.

Meringues: 4 eggwhites , 50g of icing sugar, 2 ts of cocoa, 1 ts of truffle vinegar 

Chocolate custard: 4 eggs yolk, 20 cl of milk, 20 cl of cream, 1 ts of vanilla extract, 2 ts of cocoa, 40g of dark chocolate, 2 ss of flour  

1-Meringues: whisk the eggs white and delicately incorporate cocoa and vinegar. Draw 20cm diameter circles on wax paper  (use a dish to frame), revert the sheets (to avoid contact with food). Spread the cocoa meringue : you should be able to do 3 circles. Bake for one hour in pre-heated oven at 4. Let them cool in the oven. You can prepare the disks ahead of time and store them for a couple days.

2.Chocolate custard : whisk the egg yolks with the sugar, cocoa, vanilla and flour. Warm up the milk and cream, and pour them on the eggs mix. Keep mixing so that it does not cook. Pour back the cream in the  sauce pan and gently cook for 20-30′. When it has reached an almost firm consistency (like in eclairs), set aside, film right on the surface (to prevent the forming of a coating). Store in the fridge.

3. Assembling : The custard will humidify the meringues and make them soft and easy to cut. Plan to assemble them together from 2h to 30′ before serving it. Alternate meringue with custard layers. Finish with a sprinkle of pistachios, and enjoy the acclaim!:)

Iced Cheesecake with lime and red fruits

Onctuous but not too heavy, with ricotta and yoghourt. No bake, only icing ( plan some space in the freezer). It tastes a bit like an ice cream but you have a bonus with  a crunchy and lemony crust…

For 6-8 personnes, 40′ preparation, 2h of freezing

250g of ricotta, 1 creamy yoghourt , yaourt velouté, 1 soup spoon of “strong” honey (I used chesstnut) , 2 ts of agave syrup (better option than regular sugar), 500g of red fruits, 1 ts of vanilla extract, lime zest . 

- 1 box of lemon biscuits (GB brands are awesome), 1 handful of pistacchios (that you could easily susbtitute with  almonds or other seeds), 40g of butter . 

1. Mix the biscuits with the pistachios. Add the melted butter. Form a thin and regular crust. Note that if you have time and plan ahead it would be better to soak the pistachios. It will make them easier to digest.

2. Combine (and mix) the ricotta, yoghourt, 2/3 of the red fruits, honey, agave and vanilla. Add the lime zests. Taste and adjust the sugar level if required.  Add the remaining fruits (in full, don’t scratch them), saving some for decoration.

3. Pour the red fruits cream on the crust, film it and put in the freezer. Remove it 1h30 before serving.

Enjoy !

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Anti inflammatory food : the curcuma-walnut-ginger band aid

[HAPPY VEGGIE/NUTRIgastronomie] One week ago I badly fell and hurt my knee. I am going now through the classical path : IRM, doctor, physiotherapy… sob.. I received some very useful info : some ingredients decrease the production of prostaglandin and other molecules responsible for inflammation (thanks Benjamin!). Hence  this recipe : lentils and vegetal semolina with curcuma, walnut, ginger and lemon..In 30′ prepare a meal to nurture you and helps preventing inflammation. It combines the benefits of curcuma and walnut oil, rich in omega 3. Also note that you should limit your consumption og red meat and dairies (along with sugar and alcohol). Because anti inflammatory medication often induce secondary effects on gastrits, limiting them  while adapting your diet may be a good option to consider



For 2, 30′, easy

- 100 g of lentils, thyme, curcuma, ginger(+carrot, shallot, optional to add flavor)

-1/4 of cauliflower, quickly mixed to make vegetal semolina. It looks good, it tastes good, rediscover cauliflower!

- condiment walnut, chive, lemon and white miso (which also contributes to boost immunity)). Otherwise simply use salt.

1. Golden in some oil the curcuma, ginger and shallot. Add 20 cl (small cup) of water, the lentils, carrot and thyme. Let simmer for 15′ until all water is absorbed. Fresh curcuma exhales delicious scents of fresh fig leave and roots. It has been used in Ayurveda for ages for its anti-oxydant and anti-inflammatory properties. Eaten on regular basis it will help your immune system be more resistant and contribute to prevent numerous types of cancer. If you don’t have any, you can also grate some ginger. Note that curcuma nutrients are best released in fat. So it’s good to add some oil in the lentils

2. Steam the vegetal semolina (I simply use a bamboo basket on top of the lentils). Everything cooks at the same time. I’ve been 20′ in the kitchen and it’s almost done.

3. Condiment with walnut oil (to stock in the fridge once open) : mix chives with 4 ss of walnut oil, add lemon juice and salt (or white miso). This condiment can be kept for a week and you can use it with veggies, fish, salad.. Walnut oil just like flaxseed oil is rich in omega 3. Good for skin, mood and of course it prevents inflammation (while corn and sunflower oil are rich in omega 6). The aim is to balance omega 3 (that we generally lack) with omega 6 (that we generally overconsume). Omega 3 can also be found in fat fish (mackerel, tuna, salmon, sardines..).

4 Set up your dish, alternate lentils and semolina. Season with the condiment, sprinkle with lemon zest (huge difference, dont skip this!:) Enjoy!

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Wild garlic on scallop carpaccio, steamed helianthus with white miso

[SNIFFKISS] I discovered wild garlic when I was in Switerland. Its broad leaves look like those of Lili of the Valley (although more narrow. And beware not to confuse them if you try to pick them by yourself as Lili is toxic!). In any case they are a good premice of spring. Taste is very similar to chives although more tingling.


On the market stalls I also discovered occas from Peru. Their vivid colour is gorgeous, they capture the eye as surely as the  the first flamboyant strawberries..


There were also helianthus roots, very similar to Jerusalem artichokes and actually do smell and taste like artichokes. So here I am in my kitchen , very thrilled to explore new recipes!

Condiment wild bear- cold pressed walnut oil – bergamot zest 


Wild garlic is very well complemented by the bergamot zest, originating from Morocco that I found last wee. These fresh and aromatic notes are calmed down with the nutty round walnut oil. Usins coldly pressed oil here is preferable, because a roasted oil would be too powerful and crash the herbal and zesty facetts. This condiment’s flavour goes a long way and gives a very long-lasting flavour in mouth. It does wonders on all veggies and ceviche. You can substitute bergamot with lime, combawa leaves, or of course some good organic lemon.

Then I went on with 2 recipes:

1st recipe : Scallop and fennel carpaccio 

 For 2 : 1/2 fennel, 3 scallops, wild garlic condiment, sprouted beans, pink pepper, salt, bergamot (lime) juice.

1. thinly spice the scallops and fennel

2. generously spread lemon juice, put some condiment and sprouted beans

3. add salt, pink pepperpoivrer


PS : the small slices of steamed occas that you see on the pic bring a very mellow texture to the dish. You can also use some very onctuous potatoes (rattes du Touquet in France would be the best option)

2nd recipe: helianthus, wild garlic condiment and white miso  

ail des ours 254If you like artichokes , try these roots. When peeling them their smell is totally enticing, like artichoke but stronger. Their taste is also very sweet and good. I boiled them, used the same condiment to which I added a tea spoon of white miso. Now if you still crave a steack i’m afraid I won’t be able to do much.. and of course you can cook this recipe with artichokes .

Ready to enjoy spring food? Any idea to accomodate wild garlic?

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Home-made granola, step-by-step recipe

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Have you ever done a home-made granola? it is actually very easy, plus very rewarding to flavor it exactly according to your taste..It is also very versatile and Iam already thrilled as it opens endless perspective of deliciousness… Today my granola recipe is made of  cinnamon-orange zest-ginger/goji berrie and cranberries/ pumpkin, sesame and flaxseeds, bananas and oats.


Step by step recipe  


1. Combine the oats and seeds (rich in omega 3) . I hereby used blond sesame seeds, but you could also use black ones (especially good to prevent white hair..)

2. Prepare the seasoning with the orange zest, grated ginger and cinnamon. It is a very good combination reminding me of the Xmas pomander.. I also tried a more fruity mix with mashed rapsberries. But keep in mind that baking granola will  withdraw some of the flavors. So do not hesitate to accentuate the flavors with some sparkling “biting “ingredients such as cinnamon, ginger but also cardamom, orange and lime zests… Balmy notes also work very well to fix the taste, exactly like a fragrance would do . Choose amongst vanilla, tonka, almond, carobe…

3. Prepare a syrup with neutral oil (here grape seeds) . You could as well use some butter, but I’d rather stay on the veggie side here.. Add honey and spices. Humect the oats with the syrup, a little bit like for a crumble. Beware not to mush the oats.. you don’t want a porridge! Bake at 4-5 for 20′-25′. You need to take care and taste really.. It should smell of cinnamon and be crunchy

4. I added slices of banana. As they took more time to dehydrate I had to leave them in the oven for 10′ extra minutes

5. Once the granola is golden and crunchy, add the dried fruits (here goji berries and cranberries which both have super antioxydants). Then serve it with some vegetal milk or yoghourt, fresh fruits, honey.. or use it as a super snack.. Enjoy!

Citron bergamote du Maroc, un délice dont je suis enchantée
Bergamot from Morocco.

PS:  I recently discovered this bergamot lime from Morocco (in organic stores). These were delicious. I grated the zest and used it in Vietnamese sour and sweet broth with lemongrass and shellfish (canh chua) , also used them on a thai salad (raw bean sprouts, cilantro, peanuts, chili and lemongrass..). But you can infuse it with honey and thyme; and of course use it in granola..

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Home-made peanut butter and fusion salad #raw #vegan

[LOVE TIP] Once you will know the recipe you will never buy peanut butter again. It is so easy, you know exactly what is in there (namely no additive..) and it is sooo good!

Savoury or sweet version? You can customize this butter in a savoury version (here with chili and lemongrass) or sweet version (chocolate, cacao and banana.. tempting?)  . Today I also share with you a fusion salad recipe that will take you straight by the Mekong river…


Start with grilled peanuts. You can do this by yourself in a pan or in the oven.. Then mix everything for 5 minutes. If you like you butter chunky save some peanuts on the side that you will add at the end

Now you can eat it straight from the jar or use it in salads, especially in gois (the traditional Vietnamese salads).

Recipe of fusion raw zucchini salad, mint and thai basil, spiced peanut butter 

Ingredients (for 4)1 zucchini, mint, thai basil , shiso and/or rau ram , cilantro, 2 tsp of peanut butter (here flavored with chili, garlic and lemongrass), 1 ts of fish sauce, 1/2 lime juice, 1 clove garlic, 3 ss of sugar, 4-6 ss water 

The idea here is to combine some long-lasting mints. Normally I would go with several types of mint : the classical one with shiso that has traces of cumin and rauram , that is somehow metallic and aldehydic. Then I would also add cilantro and thai basil (lightly aniseed ). This salad then becomes really tasty and fresh. I suggest you go at minimum for cilantro and mint. Then lime is also much better than lemon here..

All this freshness calls for soothing and smooth roasted peanut butter.

1. Wash and grate the zucchini. Press in your fngers to retrieve excess of water

2. Prepare the saucec combining fish sauce, sugar, lime juice, water, fresh cut herbs and peanut butter. You should have something onctuous

3. Pour the sauce on the zucchini. Serve, ready! enjoy!

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