[HAPPY VEGGIE] I If you find it difficult to have your greens, I have a recipe for you. No greens but 100% vegan… What do you think of my “pizza”? Perfect to stay fit, especially when some special dinner is coming..



Quick and dirty. 15′

Slice thinly a red meat radish (of course you can use daikon, but I find these coloured so beautiful.. Plus the more colourful, the more anti-oxidants you get..), one carrot, one chili (here I used both yellow ones). I added some artichokes and candied tomatoes brought back from Italian groceries..

And the special touch :  pecan pesto!

Ingredients : a handful of pecan nuts, 3 ss of miso paste, 2 ss of mirin (otherwise use 1 ss of white wine diluted in water), 1 ss of walnut oil or olive oil , some cilantro (optional) : Mix everything together, keep it a bit chunky. Done!

This pesto is very tasty, very healthy (loaded with Omega), plus the miso paste boosts natural immunity. You can keep it up to 3 weeks in the fridge.

Use it as a spread on grilled bread, on pasta,  on roasted/ raw veggies (yum!)

To serve : dress the radish slices, add carrots and chili, artichokes. Place a ts of pesto in the heart of each artichoke, add some candied tomatoes. You are ready to go. Very light, yet very tasty and fulfilling!

Have a good we everyone!

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The natural healing power of food #comfortSoup #HoneyBomb

[NUTRIgastronomie] It’s been a week I’ve been fueling myself with paracetamol and syrup. One week that I have been coughing in movie theaters and one week that I perfume myself with.. dragon balm!.. Can’t take it anymore, this calls for emergency call, emergency rush in my kitchen!

Chao vit, soupe de riz au canard

Chao vit, soupe de riz au canard


Chao Vit, the healing soup : First I cook some chao: it’s the Vietnamese equivalent of Chinese congee. No need to be sick to have some, but if you’re sick then traditionnally you will opt for this nourishing but light food. When I was a child my mom would serve it with some very salty scrambled egg. Today I am sharing the recipe of a North Vietnamese traditional soup. The taste is between a risotto and duck pot au feu. It comes with a ginger and lime sauce in which you dip the duck slices. Ginger is a natural antiseptic that warms and dries up your body. To boost the immunity and taste, I also added to the broth a handful of shitakés and goji berries (most powerful antioxydant food) .  

Recipe for  4, 15′ of preparation, 1:00-1:30 of cooking
Ingredients: 1 duck breast, 1 onion, 2 stalks of celeriac, salt, pepper and cilantro seeds, 1 handful of goji berries and dried shitakes (optional), 2 cups of rice
To serve : fish sauce, ginger, sugar, lime, chili, chives and cilantro
1-  Cook the duck in 1.5 liter of water in which you will add the celeriac, onion, pepper, cilantro, ginger, salt, goji and shitakes. After 30′ retrieve the meat, slice it and set aside.
2- Rince the rice and add it to the broth. Let it simmer for 1-1h30 according to the texture you like. The rice flakes should be very tender and kind of open like small flowers.
3- Prepare the sauce: grate the ginger, add half a lime juice and nuoc mam sauce (prepared with sugar, chili, garlic and water).
4- Spread some fresh chives and cilantro  and serve piping hot! enjoy!chao2

Should you want a vegan version, very easy, replace the duck by 3 handful of mushrooms. Now is the full season, so you can play with combinations of them. The dish could be enough in itself. But I added some salad with cabbage, mint and daikon..




the drink to kill germs

the drink to kill germs


The drink to kill germs  : I spent the week drinking orange-carotts-ginger juice.. But I decided to increase the dose to reinforce immunity, with an incredibly efficient recipe inspired from the Green Kitchen Stories honey bomb. I mixed in some water some fresh curcuma (turmeric) . You can use dried curcuma but for the healing benefits as well as aromas, I will advise you to try to get some fresh one. It is now pretty easy to find in oriental stores, and it can be kept in the fridge for quite a while. I also added a big piece of ginger (5 cm long ), 1 lime juice, 3 ss of honey (go organic if you can) . Don’t forget the pepper that will boost the assimilation of curcuma benefits.

You can dilute this in hot water, in tea, in orange juice (what I did this morning). I must admit that I’m quite surprised by the healing power of this magical potion. More efficient in one night than one week of medication!..

Now you should be ready to deal with all the elevator and subway germs!

Have a good week everyone !


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Fragrance to drink : hibiscus, rapsberries and pink pralines

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Je vous ai apporté des bonbons.. les bonbons c’est tellement bon… Do you know this song from Jacques Brel?


I had lunch with some friends last week and was wondering what I could bring ..

As they love herbal teas, I thought that my “fragrance to drink” stories could please them. So here is what came out of it… A somptuous red herbal tea..

I brought back from China dried hibiscus flowers. When infused they release beautiful red swirls, but they may be a bit sour as is. So I thought that combined with pink pralines and the last rapsberries, it would be perfect..




Imaginary flower to drink: Can you imagine a flower with purple petals and a fruity heart made of rapsberry? the delicious pink pralines come and wrap all this.. Drop the pralines generously in the hot tea and let them melt..



Fragrance to drink :  for 0,5 liter

10 dried hibiscus flowers, 5-7 pink pralines , 10 rapsberries

hibiscus4.jpgPour the hot water on the hibiscus. Let infuse, adding the pralines. When the herbal tea has cooled a little bit, add the rapsberries (not before because it would cook them and damage the flavour). Wait at least 10 minutes. Enjoy !

To be served at room temperature or fresh. I warn you, it’s like drinking candies, totally addictive… And for the fun this is the famous song “I brought you candies” by Jacques Brel.


Tip NUTRIgastronomie

Hibiscus flowers are anti oxydant thanks to anthocyanins. They help diminish hypertension and cholesterol. They have a slight diuretic effect and also help relieve PMS syndroms. 

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Pancake party! the Vietnamese way : Banh Xeo

[LOVE TIP] You asked for it, here it is, the recipe of Vietnamese pancake : Banh Xeo. Litteraly sizzling cake to echo the sound it makes in the pan. It’s a typical dish Vietnamese people love to eat in small restaurants that will only serve it.

banh xeo

banh xeo

This crispy yellow pancake owes its colour to curcuma. Made of rice flour it is also very aromatic, thanks to chives , coconut milk.. and beer, my little secret..This will bring additional flavour and crisp. You can find flour mixes in exotic stores, very handy because the curcuma powder is provided along.

Normally the challenge consists in doing very thin and crispy pancakes. Don’t cut on the oil! It is served with tons of salads, aromatic herbs and cucumber that should balance all the richness

The best would be to eat them piping hot from the pan. But if you are a bunch of people, you can prepare them ahead of time and keep them in the oven at low temperature. Just before serving heat the temperature up. They won’t be as crispy, but still very tasty…

The filling comes with fresh bacon, shrimps, bean sprouts and mungo beans. It can also be prepared in advance, unless you prefer to cook everything at the same time. In this case, first sizzle the meat and other ingredients. Then coat a thin layer of batter around. You can easily go vegan with tofu and mushrooms. I also twisted the recipe this summer with grated zucchini served with a huge bunch of mint..


Ingredients. For 8 personnes (16 pancakes). 3h of which 1h30 to do the pancakes (I know it’s long…)

Pancake : 2 bags of mixed flour, 300 ml of coconut milk, 300 ml of water/beer, chives, neutral oil. You will need an anti adhesive pan.

Filling :  garlic, onions, bean sprouts, soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper + fresh bacon, shrimps, mushrooms…

To serve : salad, cucumber, aromatic herbs : mint, cilantro, thai basil, shiso (tia to in Vietnamese), chili and pickles (do chua)

To serve (bis) : “prepared” fish sauce (nuoc mam) with lime, garlic, chili , water. Count a 1 to 6-8 ratio between pure nuoc mam and water, the juice of 1 lime, 1 pressed garlic, 2 red chili and about 4-6 ss of sugar. Taste and adjust …

1- Prepare the batter :   Mix the flour, curcuma, coconut milk, water, beer and chives. Let it rest in a cool place for one hour.

2- Filling : Thinly cut the onion and press the garlic. Clean the shrimps (remove the black stomach), thinly slice the meat. Wash the bean sprouts. In a pan gently golden the garlic and onions, add the meat, and then only the shrimps. Last at the very end add the bean sprouts. Cut the heat right away. Set aside. If you use mungo beans, rinse them, quickly boil them, drain and coarsely mix into puree. Enrich with coconut milk and season to your taste.

3- Pancake : Oil the pan, pour a thin layer of batter, let it golden. Flip it and add some more oil so that the edges curls and crisps. Add the filling on one side, close down the pancake. Ready! (at last!)


4- To serve : Roll a piece of pancake in a salad leave, garnish with herbs. Dip in the sauce and enjoy with pickles !

At this stage I am afraid you are tempted to run to the restaurant rather than generate a huge (but nice…) mess in your kitchen.. I do totally sympathize.. But home-made cooking is always so much better! Hope you will try it !: )


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Come and cook Vietnamese with me #giveaway #foiredautomne #lappartelier

[SNIFFKISS] If you have been around lately in Paris, you may have noticed that Foire d’Automne has started  and will last until 2nd of November.  L’appartelier - kitchen to rent- has set up a tremendous programme of cooking classes .

ImpressionEveryday comes with a new angle : ” How to impress  friends”, “Trompe l’oeil”,”Wander in the garden”, “Street Food”, “Carte blanche to bloggers”…  For the detailed programme click  here

I will join the team on Saturday November, 1st for the “Carte blanche to bloggers” session. 5 cooking workshops are planned. Detailed programme here

If you like Vietnamese food but don’t know where to start, why don’t you join me at 6 pm : 10 “active” seats (cook and taste) + 40 “spectators” seats (the class will be broadcasted live on a big screen). First arrived, first served ! :)

On the menu: Autumnal “Goi” ! It consists in a traditional Vietnamese salad, adapted to feature local and seasonal ingredients. Although adapted, it goes with the typical and traditional flavours. Very easy, healthy, but most importantly delicious recipe !

Pear, radish, carrot goi http://wp.me/p3iY4S-6r

Pear, radish, carrot goi http://wp.me/p3iY4S-6r

You will call me a purist if you want, but I am very strongly attached to share what accounts for the traditional smell & taste feelings of Vietnamese cuisine. It is a subtle, aromatic, light and delicious cuisine that traditionally calls for a lot of fresh herbs and vegetables, all minutiously prepared and combined. Influences from China, India, France blend together in a very unique way. Combinations of ingredients, flavours, textures tell a lot about Vietnamese history and are also a testimonial of traditional medicine. From North to South, Vietnamese cuisine varies a lot. As for the imperial delicacies from Hue they are by themselves a full chapter.

Vietnamese food is so much more than Pho and Banh Mi… which tend to become more popular in Paris right now. Although I am delighted that people discover and like this food, I am still cringing when Pho is served with mint (like basil with pot of feu??!!). Besides I can’t help sighing when I see Bo Bun with shrimps/chicken.. because Bo Bun litterally means Beef Vermicelli.. ( You just learnt 2 words of Vietnamese!:)) So come and share a glimpse of Vietnamese (food) soul..By the way Minh Tam from la kitchenette de Miss Tam will precede me and teach you how to prepare “Banh Khot”

GIVE AWAY : to participate  1) share this post 2)write in below comments or send me by email at  carnetbydao@gmail.com if/why/ what you love in Vietnamese cuisine… v…Drawing lot, good luck!

Enjoy your week!

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Earl Grey jelly, kumquats and salted butter caramel

Caramel beurre salé

Caramel beurre salé

[LOVE TIP] Yesterday night I had a bunch of friends coming from all over the world for dinner. From Belgium, Poland, Russia, Holland, to USA and Italy, without forgetting to mention 2 “bananas” (yellow outside, white inside) from Vietnam and Tahiti… It is sometimes complicated to concile all tastes but all went very smoothly. Such a perfect night with tons of aromatic herbs, garlic and sweets…

We shared :

- A glimpse of Thailand with a pumpkin and carrot soup fragranced with lemongrass, ginger, lime, curcuma and lime leaves.  

- A tour in Vietnam with Banh Xeo : Vietnamese savoury pancakes . Filled with bean sprouts, shrimps, pork and served with tons of salad, pickles and fresh herbs (mint, cilantro, thai basil). It’s a bit long to prepare and calls for tons of ingredients but is totally worth it.. at the end we set aside fork and knive and did proceed as in Vietnam with fingers..to roll pancakes in salad 

banh xeo

banh xeo

For dessert, we were lucky enough to taste a Pithivier and  Bourdaloue tart, kindly prepared by Manuela – currently training at Ferrandi school to become a pastry chef. As for me I prepared a Earl Grey jelly, sliced some kumquats and added .. yes… salted butter caramel sauce. If agar agar may be something of an acquired taste, this caramel sauce is a total success with everybody!

caramel beurre salé 2

So here is the recipe..

Salted caramel sauce

Caramel au beurre salé

Caramel au beurre salé

For 250g of caramel: 7 tbsp of sugar, 8 tbsp of water, 2 generous ss of butter, 8 ss of liquid cream, 2 pinches of salt (fleur de sel)

1- Mix water and sugar and take it to a gentle boil until it caramelizes.

2- Add the butter and cream. As the caramel is very hot, it may cause some projections, beware . Mix at smooth temperature until desired consistency (It took me around 10 minutes). Note that when it cools down, it thickens a little more.

3- Ready! You can enjoy this sauce as well with chocolate, as a spread or byitself..

caramel beurre salé 5


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Give me some extra taste! #vegetalbacon

[SNIFFKISS] I confess. I love bacon. As a Vietnamese girl I was raised with lots of pork : caramel pork, nems, banh cuon are part of my heritage if not DNA!

Little by little I have started to replace fresh bacon with less fatty meats , then replaced it with combinations of tofu, mushrooms, roots veggies and observed it worked quite well (see my recipe here of veggie banh cuon, so delicious..:)

Today I’m sharing with you 5 aromatic bouquets that are my vegetal bacon and are ideal to cook in automn..



1- Smoked jujubes 

Bacon végétal jujubes fumées


If you like plums roasted with bacon, you will fall for smoked jujubes. You will be instantly transported in the mountains, by a chimney fire. Brilliant for a marinade : with badian, soy sauce, 5 spices and honey. Try it with pumpkin, beyond delicious!





2- Lapsang Souchong Tea 

baconvg6One of my friend used to say “I love this tea, It reminds me of tea infused with bacon.. ” This will do wonders in winte. I infuse it in broths or marinades Try it with pear and turnip cooked like in a tatin. Recipe here





3- Dashi : a delicacy


Dashi is to be bought as a powder (unless you have 24 hours and are willing to prepare it overnight…). Prepared out of kombu and dry bonite, it is highly concentrated in umami. To be used in risotto or broths instead of regular salt. I also like to combine it with sesame seeds and nori. A perfect treat with plain white rice.



4- Liquorice and shitakés , dry and woody flavor 

réglisse et shitakés

réglisse et shitakés

Shitaké is also naturally rich with umami and is frequently in vegan diet to replace meat. Infused with liquorice it will bring out a dekicious deep and long-lasting fragrance. Try the Thai veggie burger Recipe here The 1st time I served it, I was asked for a second service..Be prepared to run back in the kitchen!: )


5- Smoked chili

I found some addictive smoked chili at Olivier Roellinger’s shop, but I guess all smoked paprika will do. With corn on the cob, add scallion oil, salt, smoked chili and cilantro. For breakfast or as a snack, this is easy comforting food!

What about you? what do you add to spice up your food?

Enjoy your week-end!

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