Detox week

Pineapple, turmeric and coconut smoothie

Pineapple, turmeric and coconut smoothie

This time of the year generally calls for some detox. Every year I try to pay attention, and every year I kind of overindulge! :) But this year is kind of special. The news and general atmosphere have been quite heavy lately, so this detox week was also a way to feel much lighter, body and mind. Cooking simple healthy earthy recipes helps me to ground myself and feel more centered. A kind of active meditation taking place in the kitchen…

Key principles : juice or smoothie in the morning, salad for lunch, soup in the evening. Bonus : homemade cacao spread – raw and vegan version 

The good news is that provided you have a mixer, all these recipes are very basic and don’t call for much time..

Here are my recipes that you can easily adapt with your own combinations. My advice would be to rely on nice colour associations; to end up with something most healthy and tasty!

salad with green peas pesto, beetroot ginger peer juice and carrot velouté

salad with green peas pesto, beetroot ginger peer juice and carrot velouté

3 delicious juices and  smoothies with different and complementary benefits

Green juice

Green juice

GREEN JUICE : granny smith, fennel, salad, mint, cucumber and banana. How does it work? rehydrates, drains and alkalyzes 

SMOOTHIE JAUNE : curcuma, pineapple, coco yoghurt (or keffir + grated coconut) You can also use any mylk. How does it work? curcuma is one of the most powerful antioxydant and anti inflammatory food. Pineapple has a special enzyme that helps proteins digestion while probiotics also promote digestion.  

RED JUICE : beetroot, ginger, nashi pear (or any other pear). How does it work? Beetroots have detox properties and are loaded with anti oxydants (anthocyanins), ginger is a good antiseptics and gives a quick to digestion, nashi pears rehydrate.  

raw vegan cacao spread

raw vegan cacao spread

Home-made cacao spread (raw, vegan) : cashew nuts, psyllium, pear, cacao, agave syrup or honey, vanilla extract. Soak the cashew nuts at least 4-6 hours ahead (overnight is the simplest option). Rince and mix with a ss of water. Add 3 ts of  psyllium rehydrated in 3 ss of hot water (vegetal fibers to be bought in organic store; They will bring a lot of onctuosity) Add a raw pear, 3 ts of cacao (if you have raw, even better), 2 ss of agave syrup or honey. Enjoy! You can replace pear by banana ( and go for a run after!:))


Salad with green peas pesto: cooked brocolis , green salad, cucumber, white or black radish seasoned with green pesto. This pesto can be prepared ahead of time and you can keep it a week in the fridge. Tip : prepare a bigger batch and freeze some of it.

Pesto vert : green peas, mint, aneth, ricotta and parmigiano cheese. It is a very dense and tasty mix that will boost any salad , raw and cooked veggies, pasta or toasts.. Totally awesome and so easy to prepare you will be tempted to eat it by the spoon. I will have warned you! By the way, of course the peas need to be boiled before being mixed… Mentioning just in case :) and frozen peas are an easy and quick option!

Carrot velouté : shallots, carrots, leak , fresh thyme (detox), potato (alcaline) . Golden briefly the shallots in some olive oil. Add the vegetables cut in small pieces along with the thyme, let it simmer with some water. Mix and enjoy! (Tip: for a bright orange velouté use the white parts of the leeks only)

What about you? Does cooking help you to feel grounded and restaure a good sense of balance? Enjoy your week!

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Fruit salad #JesuisCharlie #NoussommeCharlie

salade CHarlieSe rappeler que vivre en république est une CHANCE, et même si j’ai un peu peur pour être tout à fait honnête.. Je serai à République à 15:00, au milieu de cette grande salade de fruits jolie jolie.. Avec quelques poires et quelques bananes…Rester unis . Ps: et cette salade de fruits aux couleurs de la France sera of course la recette Bonne Mine de la semaine Today is a special day to reassess that I wand to stand up for democracy and its values.We don’t need and -we must not – be alike to build a good society #jesuischarlie#noussommesCharlie #notafraidbastards #freedom

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Millefeuille : Cabbage baked with apples, walnuts and spices

[HAPPY VEGGIE] If you’re a fan of “Tarte Tatin”, chances are  that you will like this “veggie” millefeuille made of cabbage, slowly baked apples , walnuts and spices.



Millefeuille : cabbage, apple, walnuts and nutmeg


I served it with an “Orloff roast ” (veal with slices of bacon and cheese), but it would also perfectly accomodate poultry, or come on its own.. Very tasty and rather light, it is a perfect dish to remain fit during all the celebrations.
For 4. 45′ of preparation, 1h30 of baking time, easy
Ingredients: half cabbage ( 10 leaves or so), 3 big apples (I chose Canada variety which softens a lot when cooking), 1 handful of walnuts, 1 pinch of nutmeg, butter , salt
1- Parboil the leaves (better if you go one by one). Count 15′ to 30′ for each leaf in boiling water. According to their size , you can also retrieve part of the stem if it seems to thick. Set aside
2. Peel and slice thinly the apples. Canada apples are a good pick because they are quite tart and as this is a savoury dish I didn’t want something too sweet
3. Assembly the millefeuille : In a rond mold, firt put a layer of cabbage leaves. Pick the biggest ones to start. Then alternate 3 layers of apples with the cabbage leaves. Sprinkle generously the apples with butter, salt and nutmeg. Sprinkle with walnuts according to your taste . I wanted something very mellow (this is also why the baking time is very long) so I ended up using far less walnuts than planned. Press everything together and bake in the oven at 6 (medium temperature). The mold should be covered with foil and set in a bain marie. Retrieve the foil after one hour and 15′.
4. To serve : decorate with fresh walnuts. You could also caramelize some walnuts in spices (nutmeg and cinnamon..)
Tada! This dish can also be done with other/additional spices , especially with cinnamon, clove and pepper.. It would also be nice with some bacon, caramelized onions, or thin slices of potatoes. And of course you can use all sorts of cabbage. I chose the red one because of the colour and high level of antioxydants (anthocyanins)


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Merry Xmas!


Christmas at Lucas Carton

Christmas at Lucas Carton

I wish you all a Merry Christmas! May love warm your hearts and make your eyes sparkle!

Sending you lots of sniffkiss!


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Seeds of happiness : lotus

[Happy Veggie] A sweet delicacy to end the year : try these lotus seeds.

che lotusLotus seeds taste like chestnuts, except for the fact that they exhale a delicate flowery scent. As a child I used to gulp bags of them. One of my favourite sweets! Now I use them in traditional savoury dishes (especially used to stuff duck along with shitakes) or in sweets, just like this one. You can also blend them into a puree, very delicious!

You can find them in cans to use as is . Otherwise you can buy them dry, rehydrate them overnight and boil them.

A common dessert in Vietnam combines these lotus seeds with dried longans (similar to litchis but smaller, sweeter) and white fungus (very good for your skin, said to contain a lot of vegetal collagene). I added some mandarin marmelade and jasmin tea. Everyhing blended perfectly into delicate and floral aromas.

This snack will promote good sleep (thanks to longans and lotus seeds) while embellishing naturally your skin. Isn’t it a must for these festive times?

– Rinse the lotus seeds. Should you use the dry version, don’t forget to retrieve the black stem inside; It is sometimes a bit bitter.

– Rinse and rehydrate the longans and white fungus for 30 minutes

– Combine all ingredients in a light jasmine tea, add some mandarine marmelade or candied kumquats. Enjoy!

These sweet soups are more appealing to those who are familiar of Asia.. But once you develop a taste for them, they cannot be replaced by anything else. In Vietnamese restaurants they are now even served as drinks; while in Vietnam they would be enjoyed all day long to refresh oneself.. Give it a try!


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Stuffed shitakes with tofu, walnut and leek

[HAPPY VEGGIE] I just discovered a new dish in a small trendy Japanese restaurant (Ito located in the South Pigalle area) : stuffed shitakes with walnuts, tofu and leeks. It was so delicious that I decided right away I had to replicate them at home. I must say that I’m pretty happy with the result.

It’s a vegan dish but I’m sure that even meat lovers will enjoy this. The nuts bring enough chunky and tasty to be totally satisfying..


For 2. Easy. 30′: 10 shitakes, 1 portion of tender tofu, 1 handful of walnuts, 1 leek (the white part), 2 ts of soy sauce, 1 ss of mirin, pepper.

1- Drain the tofu and mix it with the walnuts. Keep it chunky.Add the seasoning (soy and mirin). Add a pinch of pepper.

2. Rince and bleach quickly the leek. Slice it thinly and add it to the stuffing

3. Rinse and remove the stalks from the mushrooms. Place a spoon of stuffing in each mushroom. Preheat the oven at average temperature. Bake for 20 minuts. In traditional recipes, the mushrooms are fried in a pan then simmered in a sauce.. To be honest, even if the glazing then looks very appetizing, I find it quicker and easier to bake them in the oven. And they were as delicious! If you’re afraid they may be dry cover with some foil after 10 minuts.

Ready! Enjoy!

I served them with a salad made of raw beetroot, parsley, grapefruit, flaxseeds and walnut oil. It was very good and comforting food…

PS You can also use pecan nuts for the stuffing..

Enjoy your week-end!

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Vegan “pizza” and pecan pesto

[HAPPY VEGGIE] I If you find it difficult to have your greens, I have a recipe for you. No greens but 100% vegan… What do you think of my “pizza”? Perfect to stay fit, especially when some special dinner is coming..



Quick and dirty. 15′

Slice thinly a red meat radish (of course you can use daikon, but I find these coloured so beautiful.. Plus the more colourful, the more anti-oxidants you get..), one carrot, one chili (here I used both yellow ones). I added some artichokes and candied tomatoes brought back from Italian groceries..

And the special touch :  pecan pesto!

Ingredients : a handful of pecan nuts, 3 ss of miso paste, 2 ss of mirin (otherwise use 1 ss of white wine diluted in water), 1 ss of walnut oil or olive oil , some cilantro (optional) : Mix everything together, keep it a bit chunky. Done!

This pesto is very tasty, very healthy (loaded with Omega), plus the miso paste boosts natural immunity. You can keep it up to 3 weeks in the fridge.

Use it as a spread on grilled bread, on pasta,  on roasted/ raw veggies (yum!)

To serve : dress the radish slices, add carrots and chili, artichokes. Place a ts of pesto in the heart of each artichoke, add some candied tomatoes. You are ready to go. Very light, yet very tasty and fulfilling!

Have a good we everyone!

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