Ngo om.. do you know vegetal cumin?

Ngo om, cumin végétal

Ngo om, cumin végétal

[LOVE TIP] Vegetal cumin .. like a chorizo!
I adore chorizo . Hot, salty, chewy and greasy.. I could eat a whole bunch , they are my candies.. Like haribos .. but full of  E 110… E250.. Do like me switch to vegetal cumin..Ricepaddy herb used in Vietnamese cooking

3 recipes 15′ 30′ 45′ chrono,  scale and complexion will thank you !…Arrabiata udon and its hot tomato sauce , poached cod and cauliflower puree, sweet and sour shellfish consommé..

15′ : Udon, hot tomatoes sauce with vegetal cumin (don’t forget the garlic!), mimolette slices, basil.. yummie, enjoy!

30′: Poached cod in white wine and parsley, tomato sauce with vegetal cumin, yellow cauliflower mash with salted butter .. I know.. salted butter, but a really good one !:) only one life,  falks.

45′: Special lovers diners : vietnamese sour and sweet shellfish consommé. No lateral thinking or special message! only wanted to share a very special aromatic balanced bouquet. Lemongrass, ginger, tamarind, fresh tomatoes pulp, pruns, NGO OM, chili.. Sprinkle with chives and cilantro..Everybody in the mood for love.. or it’s helpless..!!