Black and dark, there is hope!

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Blackberries and cacao… Anthocyanins  and endomorphins for” a bonne mine”

Startover a bit rough? don’t be down, keep up !  Endomorphins from cacao for the spirits, cafeine to boost energy and and  anthocyanines of blackberries for the complexion !

The secret of fondant for all ages from 7 to 77 : Chocolate AND cacao

Fondant chocolat, mures et cacao

Fondant chocolat, mures et cacao

– dark  chocolate  (200g) + 2 ts cacao (Van Houten)
– 1 strong coffee
– 200 g butter
– 80g flour
– 1 ts yeast
– 5 eggs
– 200g sugar
Melt the chocolate, butter. Add the espresso + flour,, yeast, cacao, egg yolks, the whipped egg-white. Bake 25′ in preheat oven at 4/180°. Dressing : pure vice! first a thick layer of chestnut cream then tons of blackberries..Tip : In case of severe and imminent crisis you can run and buy a chocolate bread at Landemaine, rue des Martyrs. It can stand for a light (!) version of the fondant …