Matcha and rapsberries, tapiocal pearls

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Matcha and rapsberries…A kind of panna cotta , eastern version..

Pearls of tapioca simmered in almond milk, green tea, home-made rapsberry coulis.. Enjoy! 🙂

Thé vert, framboises et tapioca

Thé vert, framboises et tapioca

For Maeva – and all others!- as promised, the recipe : gently simmer pearls of tapioca (if you have the pandan version even better ). Plan 3 cups of almond milk for a cup of pearls. When they are about cooked add half a ts of matcha + 3 ts of sugar (not before or they harden) . For the coulis : 2 cups of rapsberries + 1 ts of honey + 1 ts of redcurrant jelly .PS in the almond milk you can also melt 4 bars of white chocolate. Special indulgence for winter days.. Even worse, pick some white coconut chocolate.. Right, 5000 calories, ready to jog..?..