Pump up the colours! pumpkin, zucchini and red berries…

[HAPPY VEGGIE] The winter seems endless.. and all festivities already gone by? Pump up the colours! Steamed zucchini spaghettis and roasted pumpkin.. Flavoured with olive oil fragranced with garlic and lime leave.. Sprinkle some grated mimolette…

Spaghettis de courgette et potimarron,  huile d'olive, ail et lime

Spaghettis de courgette et potimarron, mimolette, huile d’olive, ail et lime http://wp.me/p389oa-7v

Heard today “I can’t have.. gluten, dairies, egg, sugar…” at Bob’s Kitchen from a miserable girl who craved a pancake.. Come on, have a bowl of red berries and honey! You’ll get pinky cheeks and bright eyes! Enjoy your we 
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