Thai veggie burger

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Come with me and enjoy a Thai veggie burger : buns of crispy rice flavoured with lime, cilantro and sesame, “steacks” of shitake cooked with chili paste and a hint of liquorice to push the woody accent, relish of cucumbers and radish..

Recipe for 2

4 cups of rice, 3 ss of sesame seeds  ,cilantro, lime, 300 g of shitakés, 2 eggs

Sri Racha sauce and soy sauce, chives, 1 handful of rugola

  • Steam the rice in a ricecooker. Let it cool then add sesame seeds, cilantro and lime zest
  • Golden 4 buns of rice until they get crispy
  • Wash and mince the shitakes, cut thinly the chives. Separate white from the yolks
  • In a wok, gently cook the chives, shitakes, season with sri racha and soy sauce. Shape 2 steacks and add the white eggs to stick everything together. Cook the yolks separately
  • To serve : on a rice bun, set the shitake steack, add a fried yolk, some rucola, add the 2nd bun . Ready! Enjoy!