Vietnamese dumplings!

[HAPPY VEGGIE] This friday my version of Vietnamese dumplings “banh cuon”..

Banh cuon

Fast modern Banh cuon

Very improved version because no need to spend the day in the kitchen..and of course delicious.. For all those who want it veggie, just retrieve the shrimps…

Key steps of the recipe (click on each pic for details)


Ingrédients ..

For 2 (count 4 raviolis per person) :

-stuffing : 1turnip “boule d’or”, 1 beetroot (here chiogga, pink and white), 1/2 shallot, 1 handful of shitakes and black dried mushrooms, 1 handful of dried shrimps, cive, cilantro, soy sauce and pepper

– rice wrap

– nuoc mam sauce : 1/2 garlic, 1 lemon, 2 ts of sugar, 10 ss of water, chili (optional)

Eat piping hot while it is still chewy!

Bonus : For purists, here is a vidéo of Vietworldkitchen which shows how banh cuon are traditionnaly made (in the mood for.. i am bored and am willing to spend 24h in my kitchen..)