Matcha, avocado and cacao cupcake..

[HAPPY VEGGIE] mars 2à matcha 003 I want to cut on coffee consumption as in TCM it is believed to deplete your jing and kidneys energy.. So .. matcha.. and with matcha I add some avocado cream which is a natural vegetable butter. In Vietnam avocado is eaten with some sugar as a dessert. Here I simply pureed it and sprinkled some matcha. lovely greens… Then.. chocolate cupcake, the ones I bake and freeze so that I always have sth within reach when crave comes…see my recipe here

Matcha, avocado, cacao cupcake

Matcha, avocado, cacao cupcake

The light bitterness of matcha complements the richness of avocado and muffin.. and if you know me, you’ll know I can never resist some red fruits…Good lift huh?

Recipe for 4

250g of sugar

250g of melted butter

200g of melted chocolate

3 eggs

60g of flour with incorporated baking powder

60g of cacao powder


3 avocados

5 ss of iced sugar

1 tbsp of matcha

1 handful of red fruits

Cupckakes : Mix 250g of sugar + 250g of melted butter , 200g of melted chocolate +3 eggs + 60g g of flour with baking powder, 60g of cacao. Bake at 180° (4) for 35′

Matcha avocado cream : smash the avocados, add the sugar and matcha diluted in some water

To serve : Use a piping bag to spread the avocado matcha cream on the cupcake. Ig you like you can add some blackberries… Enjoy!

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