Rejuvenate, the drink!

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Hi, I don’t know if you sometimes feel the same, but some morning I feel I am 100 years old when I wake up.. Here is my secret to  instantly rejuvenate.. you’ll thank me , well please do so if you feel great after.. !:)

Formula age-proof, weight-proof, tired-proof ..= happy veggie :
– soy milk, pick w/o GMO, nor sugar. Was too tired to do my own but I’ll come back on this..
– red berries (frozen ones, I told you I was sluggish, don’t even imagine me crawling to whatever garden to pick them..)
– honey (tasmanian one, because I am snob. But also because of pollution now you’d better be picky with your honey source..)
– Vanilla tea from Mauritius (this is the extra bonus for those who READ, because not featured on the pic) ..

Vegetal milk+ anti oxydants & anthocyanins + natural sweetener + thein for the extra boost : Mix, drink , jump! Normally you’re 5 years old again …