Chia seeds, the new superfood for good skin and good mood!

chia3[HAPPY VEGGIE] This week a quick post on chia seeds. In case you   haven’t heard of it yet, this is the new hottest super food right now. It originates from South America and its culture  has spread all over the US. Like flax seeds it contains a lot of lipids (25%!), mostly omega 3 and 6 with a good balance between both (so that it is properly absorbed and their benefits can be optimized). Also rich in calcium, iron, vitamine C and fibers. Easy to stock, it will not oxidise as quickly as flax seeds (no need to keep refrigerated)

Chia seeds are good for your skin and mood..pick them, you’ll be a happy veggie!

How can you use them? the good thing is that you can have them raw, just rinse them and pour liquid (they can absorb up to 14 times their volumes of liquid!) .They are easy to use, you can use them in replacement or in complement of your regular oats in your muesli, add them to smoothies…

My trick : a vegetal tapioca  With a very delicate taste and mellow texture (a pulp rehydrates around the seed), it is a vegetal and healthy version of tapioca pearls…

Here I had them for breakfast with coconut milk and rapsberry

You can use them in light asian desserts; combine them with coconut milk (reheat and dilute with some water), steevia or honey, mango /banana/corn/ mungo beans… (‘che bap”)

Or you can go for a super moisturizing and fresh version of cold soups… More soon.. Let me know if you’d rather have them in sweet or salty dishes! Enjoy!

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