The energy power of raw food

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Eating raw food is all the rage now.. In TCM ( traditional Chinese medicine) as in ayurvedic medicine, the fresher you eat the better it is, so that you get hold of the sheer energy of food. It is believed that the moment you cut and cook the food’s energy starts to deplete.. This is why you want to eat fresh and local as much as possible . Also keep in mind that too much raw food can call for more use of digestive energy or `agni`. This is why TCM recommends a quick stir-fried over raw food , so as to maintain most of the food energy, while facilitating digestion.Western insight: raw is fresh, light, but too much may cause bloating..In any case here are some delicious vegan rolls we had in samahita retreat. Nori wraps with asparagus, beans, carrots, served with sesame sauce.. Pure life energy for you, enjoy!


Happy veggie recipe on front page of Libéfood today!

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