Mimosa, breath of spring

[My Madeleine]mimosa2 Spring is so late this year… Seeing a splendid mimosa bouquet with its vivid yellow blossom I couldn’t resist for long! All the way back home people kept stopping me, mentioning the wonderful smell .. Mimosa litteraly means spring to me with this luminous yellow, its very typical scent. Powdery and light yet very long lasting it  provides this kind of comfortable delicate warmth which works like a charm on me…I like “Mimosa pour moi” (L’Artisan Parfumeur) very much although on the long run I tend to find the note a bit too straight forward.

Looking for a round and tender combination around mimosa I dreamt of   a lemon curd tart sprinkled with some mimosa pollen. With its sheer accents of almond and heliotropin this would just be perfect. Add some caramel threads for the crunchy complex bitterness… This is the perfect spring dessert : mellow and light, some sweetness and powdery notes, a hint of bitterness and depth … The breath of spring coming to your plate.. or maybe a future fragrance of its own..?