Greens! grins! Spinach&co coming…

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Spriiiing at least! Time to get your greens my dears.. Today I’ll take you into a very simple, very quick recipe, yet sooo good. Quickly stir-fry young spinach leaves in olive oil and flavour with aneth and pink pepper.. This adds some complexity and freshness to it. Then just for you to imagine you’d be somewhere between Greece and Lebanon… mix some feta with .. Fontainebleau.. For those who are not in France you can use some philadelphia with whipped cream. You want something very airy.. You’re done! Almost forgot – add some emadame for the round and mellow texture (you could replace them with fresh peas)..

Enjoy your light and tasty veggies! I skip all the bla bla.. on iron and spinach.. you know this already, right?

Detailed recipe (in French..) in the FemininBio – May (on Ipad)