Spring! time to (rock)’n ROLL!

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Here comes my version of raw /vegan rolls


I love the fresh combination of cucumber and mint. Eat it, drink it, always works to purify and detox your system. To this pair I added carrots for the crunch, mango for the sweet touch and avocado for the mellow… Lime juice and mint will definitely bring some extra freshness . For those who want a vegan and raw version, you’re almost done. All you need is rehydrate some rice wrap (30” will do) and roll.

For those who want more , you can sprinkle the veggies with dry shrimp powder and cive (you can prepare this ahead of time and keep it in the fridge for a week)

The ++ version : add some fried shallots . Now the option for me is mom’s phone number.. Emergency call for sunday “could you please do some rolls for me?”.  I must admit this is by far the easiest and best solution I’ve found..

PS: these rolls are excellent served with fish sauce (dilute with lime juice, sugar, chili and garlic). To stay on vegan option go for hoisin sauce and peanuts.

Hoisin sauce is sold in can. You should dilute and recook with water, vinegar and some starch. But frankly as is is also totally fine…

Enjoy your week end!