Candied tomatoes and grape with rosemary, a tart – not a piece of cake!

[HAPPY VEGGIE/LOVE TIP] Cherry tomato tart .. is a home classic that I love to twist      ( see here my sweet and sour quiche) . This time cherry tomatoes, black grape and some dark Crimée tomato seem to be a perfect combination, even if unexpected. Some olive oil and rosemary. Let them roast slowly, they release a somptuous caramelized syrup.. To boost this sweet liquorous juice add some goat cheese for the pungeant accent. You will agree with me that goat cheese is a perfect blend with grape and tomatoes alike,  linking these 2 ingredients together.. And surprise!! replace the anchovies with a thai shrimp paste, works perfectly! You’re done in 30′! Now is time for a slow and lazy evening in front of the TV.. Enjoy your week end!

and don’t miss the bonus..sweeties and anchovies…so cute