“La note verte” Gone with the wind- transposed in the fragrance industry..

la note verte[my MADELEINE] The newly released novel by Jean Claude Ellena is a page turner, litteraly. Although short it is very rich and calls for several readings and interpretations.. Gone with the wind, transposed in the fragrance industry.. A story of success and ambition , between Rastignac and Bel Ami..A  who’s who game since names are twisted just enough for you to get a grasp of the real world…A more personal voice when JC Ellena has been very clinical in his writings so far, more focused on creation and expertise.. (we’re really waiting for him to disclose even more !..) With his characteristic elegance, humour and cynism he leads us into how and why a perfume becomes a hit . Valued testimonial and thoughts of a perfumer on achieving creation, from nobility to demanding tributes.. A very timeless subject…

It was 1.30 am when I switched off the lights. And I had sweet dreams.. at least I believe so..In any case I would strongly recommand this book. Don’t hesitate to share your impressions, I’d be very curious!