NUTRIGastronomie©, a new column, when health meets gourmet

nutrigastronomie page GB[NUTRIGastronomie©] And if happiness was as simple as a fresh tomato, grown in the field, harvested in season ? From Paris to Shanghai I have observed this same crave, and also noted that this is not as simple to satisfy as it may seem… Alain Passard, most talented and visionnary chef of Arpège, 3*  claims he serves tomatoes from his own vegetable garden in season only. And he does litteraly serve tons of them … Is this about common sense? Not only … When you find tomatoes everywhere, all year round, mostly imported tomatoes, grown in greenhouses, tomatoes that “would destroy a wall should you throw them against one” as said a farmer friend of mine… organic tomatoes grown on irremediably polluted soils… no wonder that those who swear by health and nutrition tend to merge with the sophisticated gourmet crowd. To expand these ideas further here comes the  NUTRIgastronomie© column- when healthy meets gourmet.

We are what we eat (see the Fubiz initiative on picture of the fridge and the fabulous pics by G Galimberti on Grandmas transmission around the world) … When sanitary crisis (See Top 10 Chinese food scandals) echoes economic crisis… food is a comfort zone, a joyful place to be shared with family and friends but also a growing concern …

In all cases  we have the power to take positive actions, be responsible and take care of ourselves every single day. Still we need to screen loads of information. From ancestral knowledge -Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda..- to pillars of modern nutrition  (acid-alkaline diet, macrobiotic, superfoods…).. without dropping the gourmet experience and discoveries!

Recipes, news, initiatives : this NUTRIgastronomie© column is yours,  so that together we gather the relevant resources and build for the better. Don’t hesitate to jump in, comment, suggest I’d love to hear from you