Do you know Burnet? a hint of watermelon! and Eau d’Issey..

pimprenelleOK.JPG[SNIFFKISS/NUTRIGastronomie©Back from market and kind of hysteric. Just discovered Burnet. Do you know this herb ? For me it was only a puppet name… To make it short,  it tastes a little bit of … watermelon! and hazelnut. Has some bitterness but quite nice . Watermelon is really one of my favorite fruit , I always have some in the fridge in the summer. Then you may get why i’m so excited.. Herb that tastes like watermelon?! so thrilled ! it reminds me of fresh and aquatic fragrance like Eau d Issey and has a “rounder”  feel  than cucumber. But of course it is much more herbal which makes it very unique. My pic does not capture it, but it blossoms with really pretty vivid red flowers..Has to be eaten raw to make the most of the flavors. I tried to infuse it but ended up with something tasting like cress..). To pair with melon, cucumber, mint, aneth, some feta or goat cheese to smooth it..

Bonus: Rich in  Vitamin C, strong anti oxydant power, astringent, slows bleeding . Will cut on details, we’re not watching ER (more details on health benefits here from knoji).

Let me think about a recipe and come back to you. Should you have ideas or recipes, I’m interested, thanks for your suggestions! Am thinking to apply for cheerleader of the Burnet Club!

Here’s Pimprenelle..

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