Queen of the meadow, strawberry peas and burnet crown. A childhood fragrance…

[HAPPY VEGGIE/My MADELEINE] Back to childhood! I am the queen of the meadow.. or the princess and the pea maybe..

Running wild, hiding, playing with precious cherries as jewels and picking strawberries, instantly devoured.. Here comes the fragrance of joy and innocence. Deep down tenderness and gentleness with a delicate coconut vanilla jelly. A big heart full of strawberries and peas infused in verbena – not that mischievous is it? Top it with some burnet leaves for its watermelon facets and freshness… And some perfect round cherries.. Who would resist cherries…? I am 7 again .. Which smells bring you back to childhood? I’d love to know..! Enjoy your we

8 Juin 13 038Ingredients : agar agar power, coconut milk, verbena to infuse, sugar, strawberris , fresh peas, cherries and burnet. We are not used to have raw peas, even less for dessert. Here I infused them along with strawberries in fresh herbal tea (don’t cook them!).. I thought their green and slightly sweet taste would marry perfectly with strawberries. Gives the feeling to walk bare feet on fresh grass..In the meantime I prepared the jelly with agar agar, coconut milk and vanilla (optional). I don’t use gelatin anymore. Even thought it results in a more supple and transparent jelly I’m repelled by its dubiquitous origin (remember mad cow and marrowbone issue?..)

All details of the recipe on FémininBio (in French though)..

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