NUTRIgastronomie© : Manifesto for a grounded perspective on diet

[NUTRIGastronomie©] Are you sometimes overloaded with information on diets, rules and injunctions ? Sometimes lost at where to go and what to eat? Rather than rules, here are 10 guidelines to gain some grounded perspective..….that I aggregated after having carefully documented and screened ancestral knowledge of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayruveda, as well as pillars of modern nutrition.

Beyond calories, proteins/glucids/lipids, vitamins and nutriments, here is keep us at our fullest level of energy and happiness.

1 ENERGY Food is life energy. You’re born with a certain amount of life energy :“qi” and “qing” . You can replenish some of it everyday through the right food. Eat clean, pure,  whole, local, organic to get the most of each food’s energy. The very moment you cut and cook it, it starts to deplete…  Also see  more  on the power of raw

2 SYNCHRONIZE  with nature and your needs. Respect lifecyles and seasons. Learn about your own profile and needs :ying/yang-doshas. Tune in with  food properties (ying/yang – cold/fresh/warm/ hot/ dry/humid – vata/pitta/kapha..) to make the most of your intake. Also some  insights from blood group are useful to avoid/lessen allergies

3 BALANCE alkalin-acid diet to optimize body processing. If your diet is too acidic your body will naturally compensate and take from bones, tooth and hair the nutriments it lacks. Hence tooth decay, back ache, losing hair.. and at its worst oestoporosis…Go for 80% alkalin-20% acid food. Get a food chart and amend accordingly..

4 GOOD DIGESTION and proper food pairing. Proteins+veggies and carbohydrates+veggies are a DO while Proteins+carbohydrates (namely steak frites in France…) is a DON’T. Why? proteins digestion engages the release of acid in the stomach, while starch is absorbed through enzyms that work at best in alkalin conditions. So pairing the good food promotes a more efficient and easier digestion. You’ll feel more energized

5 INFLAMMATION cause premature aging and cancer. Monitor white sugar and “bad” saturated fats (mostly animal, hydrogenated, omega 6..) that may lead to premature aging because of insuline excess, inflammation and  oxydation of tissues. Skin sagging is the outside visible consequence, but much more incidence inside..Cancer development is closely related to chronic inflammations.

6 WATER Eat your water! Our body is originally made of ~70% water. drink water, but also eat it. Your food intake brings water to your cells either by its water content itself, or by the nutrients that “retain” it ; while too much salt will cause water retention and bloating..Again this calls for lots of veggies and fruits. Pomegranate and red berries are very good optimizers. Try a targeted “water 10-week diet” (time for cells to renew), you’ll see a difference on your skin quality that reflects what’s happening inside..

7 DETOX and reboot the system once a year or when tired. Liver, skin, emotions.. pick the appropriate regimens with specific targeted foods/actions ( artichoke, black radish, fennel , lemon juice…). Also include  massage  and use of aromatherapy/meditation exercises to synergise and maximise benefits..

8 ATTITUDE makes it all. Food and diet obsession, image and self-esteem,.. overeating, binging or skipping meals.. may have dramatic physical and pyschological consequences. Heart, hip and knee joints, colon, pelvic organs.. Overburdening kidneys, loading organs and skins with toxins.. Pacify relationship to food and increase appetite awareness. Regulate mindset and stress with dedicated behavorial coaching, meditation exercises, cardiac heartmath…DO YOGA

9 SUPERFOOD enhance the benefits. Spirulin, probiotics, grains, goji berries, himalayan salt, chia seeds, pollen …are amongst the “common/trendy” ones..Also include the best anti-cancer foods (garlic, onions, cucurma, veggies belonging to cauliflowers and mushrooms families, omega3..). David Servan Schreiber is an awesome must-read everyone!..

10 TAKE IT TO REAL LIFE. ENJOY, CELEBRATE, SHARE! Cook or eat out, food is everyday. So each single day you have the power to take good care of yourself and loved ones! Should be simple, easy, convenient .. see my Love Tip column for 15-30-45′ recipes and inspiration..Should be enjoyable, tasty, gourmet .. let motivation come from gratification and not from harsh discipline and restriction.. Enjoy!

Thanks a lot for reading until here.. It is a lot of information and each point could be easily developped, personalized..Weight management not covered here neither..Don’t hesitate to .share your views and/or recipes! would love to hear from you!

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