Good mood food or detox? The Butterfly sandwich effect…

detox or good mood sandwich

[LOVE TIP/NUTRIgastronomie©] 15′ & wrap up the butterfly sandwich. Secundary benefits : detox/good mood.. Vegan or not, you pick!

Vegan version : Make a  pesto spread with 1 s spoon of  white miso diluted in warm water (don’t boil it or you lose its benefits and taste)+ thinly sliced fennel  + 1/2 avocado + yeast sprinkles.  I use it as a vegetal parmigiano. (Try to pick one  that’s not been radiated with UV because it annihilates part of its benefits although it will still be rich in Vitamins B, selenium and proteins)

Good mood version: mix mackerel, cottage cheese, chives, olive oil, fresh pepper, pink pepper).

Toast a good leavened bread, layer the spread, add some thin radish slices to decorate and bring freshness. Enjoy with some salad..

Mackerel + olive oil=Oméga 3 good for skin and good mood .

Miso+ yeast=  natural probiotics good for digestion, tonus, immunity (+ hair.. VitB..).

In all cases you’re taking good care of yourself.. Good mood or detox, pick your choice.. What are your good mood/detox key ingredients?