Green goddess : Buckwheat risotto with spinach and peas. Hello Summer..

[HAPPY VEGGIE] I had a fantastic risotti with nettle the other night. Gave me the inspiration for the Happy Veggie recipe of today. Very fashionable right now to substitute rice with quinoa, buckwheat or barley.. For a Summer (!) version (freezing right now in Paris..) here comes my “Green goddess”-no less- version with toasted buckwheat. It’s veggie, noglu “but” I used miso in the broth and sprinkled parmegiano . Healthy but hey stop the joke! (FYI miso may contain gluten depending on what grains are used. Check the content labelling)
risotto sarrasin

So throw in shallot and mushrooms in olive oil, add buckwheat, pour the broth (miso, dashi and white wine) little by little and let simmer. When almost done add the spinach and peas. Sprinkle with fresh parmegiano (umami coming!) and chives, don’t forget the pepper. Done! Enjoy! Good morning Summer and lovely week-end!

All details of the recipe on – and much more- on FemininBio (in French)

PS: What’s your favorite risotto recipe? I’d love to know..By the way, it’s been exactly 3 months that Sniffkiss has been launched

rePS :  Libéfood picked the recipe for their veggie column.Thanks

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