The fragrance of childhood… Dish in translation

{My MADELEINE} Burnet amazingly evokes watermelon, THE fruit of my childhood. Lost on  memories and sensations from back there, Icame up with a dish, and even a fragrance in translation …

I grew up feet in the grass, found there some balance (lots of headstands)… parfum-d'enfance5

 Pinched cherries, strawberries digged up like rubies, watermelon instantly devoured back from the beach.Little treasures from childhood. Coconut also, so exotic. Few cakes though (mother dentist..) but fancy gardens : pale pink flowers combined and incrusted with translucid leaves, miraculously surging from agar agar. May be creating jewels  (Pearl & Petal)  also originated from there?..

How could these memories translate into a dish?

parfum-d'enfance6If this dessert transformed into a fragrance, it would smell of Daisy and Eau d’Issey. Top notes with traces of watermelon and fresh hazelnut, core notes with strawberries and herbal effect of green peas in verbena, and  bottom notes with a hint, really a shadow of  delicate coconut jelly.. A smooth, fresh and fruity thirst-quenching  water to be swigged down on sunny days..on golden age of childhood…

Rings a bell ? Coming soon,  some others who also wanted to be a child again.

PS : more here   and detailed recipe(in French)  here