Phở almost in 15′

vrai faux pho3.png.jpg[HAPPY VEGGIE] Phở is the Vietnamese soup traditionally consumed for breakfast in North Vietnam. Today it ‘s a whole meal appreciated at every hour of the day. Invigorating thanks to ginger, star anise, cinnamon and pepper – all known for their warming properties in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)..

This morning bumped on a post on FB featuring a Vietnamese woman having one for breafast. Immediate crave. Could not fight. And no time to simmer, no time to cross Paris and buy all the necessary ingredients..

I twisted the recipe. It’s a real fake one: you’ll find the distinct aromas of the soup, but of course ready in 15’ with the seasonal and available ingredients : anis, the richness of marrow, fresh herbs, sour and hot…

Simmer fennel + (white) carrot + artichoke in a broth of nuoc mam and star anise. Blend. Season with ngo om (like cilantro but more persistant, perfect in soup) and  thai basil (again the anis taste). Squeeze some lime, add some sri racha and a drop of olive oil (this is the trick, artichoke + olive oil act as a vegetal marrow. Try it, you’ll see!)

vrai faux pho1

For a more sophisticated version you could add some carpaccio wrapped in shiso.. All these herbs : cilantro, shiso, basil grow on a balcony, no excuse. But please  omit mint! this is total nonsense to me (would you put olives in pot au feu?!)

Right, Phở lovers, rise your hands and tell me if this twisted interpretation inspires you or makes you sigh..?

@Libéfood ils m’ont trouvée Ailleurs.. Un peu rêveuse ces temps..








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