Switzerland in a snapshot

[SNIFFKISS] Switzerland.. Some habits are  engraved and take no time to come back …Feels like home again..
suisse juillet13 010

I could also add : lavender tea, some apricots jam (by Mme Suzy), cheese quiche, taillaule (a mellow citrusy brioche), tête de moine and truffled tomme with pine nuts, the COOP selection of organic seeds .. last but not least  gruyère of course..Besides will certainly look for some blackberries and gooseberries tomorrow but everything is late this year.. Berries and double cream, guess what comes next? 
swiss herb pillow
First  tips on the  recipe to come. Somewhere betweeen a grass pillow and a fresh fragrant bouquet: mint, cilantro, basil, rosemary, verbena- pretty decent balcony isn’t it? Talk again once back from the market ..