Switzerland in Summer. Salted version. Zucchini flowers and roasted mini veggies

fleurcourg4[HAPPY VEGGIE] Back from market, elated. Aneth in blossom, fresh lindenflowers, mini veggies so cute and fresh I could make bouquets out of them, zucchini flowers, marjoram. Switzerland in summer, salted version. A casual week-end lunch, simple and easy, nothing fancy, let’s start

Stuffed zucchini flowers : slice thinly chicken breasts, cilantro, marjoram, pour some soy sauce and sesame oil. For a veggie version substitute the meat with ferm tofu and add an egg to liaise;

Mini veggies to roast: wash and trim sommities. Eggplants were so fresh I hurt myself with the thorns! Add rosemary, marjoram, olive oil, spread some salt and gently roast in the oven : Mini squash melons, Japanese turnips (“kabu”), Asian eggplants (pale mauve with white flesh, so delicious), “regular” ones  (the shiniest black ever).

saladeswissRadishes : white, pink and purple ones  (first time I see such a color)  ended in the salad..along with the white carrots. Playing with food and colours, pure joy






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