Snack. Aneth & zucchini croquettes. Smack!

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[LOVE TIP] Green snacks in 15′ . Light and savoury. Now is the time for zucchini, plenty of them everywhere. With aneth in full blossom here is my recipe.

These croquettes are as simple as pancakes, although if not careful it’s possible to end with a mess. So it still needs a bit of attention…

Grate coarsely the zucchinis, a shallot, parmigiano. Add feta, aneth, lots of pepper and an egg to liaise. Form the croquettes in your hands, roll them in flour before cooking them in a pan 


Tip: make sure to remove as much water as you can from the zucchini, let them golden slowly, don’t cover the pan. Should you leave too much water, you may end up with some kind of sponges.Very uncool.. Enjoy!:)