Watermelon, would you rather have a carpaccio or a tartare? Cologne or balmy version?

[HAPPY VEGGIE] I have no special bloody crave, I swear.. But.. watermelon would you rather have it in carpaccio or tartare? because – yes we can!

Carpaccio comes with cucumber for extra freshness. Use a  mandolin and watch your fingers!.. Infuse finely sliced mint in liquid cream (you may use a lite version). Some grains as usual for the crunch and omega bonus. Spread some salt crystals. From translucent textures to subtil seasoning, it should be almost like drinking a fresh Cologne. Crisp and refreshing.

For tartare, a contrasted approch . Tartare is normally much more roborant and feeds these chunky heavy guys playing rugby.. let’s go for something munchier, spicier.

tartare5I chose to combine celery with watermelon, which is very watery like cucumber. In the tartare recipe the idea was more to intensify the flavours than “diluting” them

Instead of Worcestershire sauce and mustard, I made a chili-feta salt . This combination reminds me of the delicious plates of watermelon and feta eaten by the beach in Israel, between salted dish and dessert. The recipe: watermelon cubes + celery cubes (  you may  steam them quickly for a very tender texture, interesting contrast with watermelon) + chili-feta salt + fresh almond and cilantro condiment+tiny beets of raw beetroot. With its earthy flavour it litteraly roots the dish and makes it more “solid” .

Fresh almond has a specific balmy spell, reminding me of the Cleopatre glue I used when I was in school. Such an enticing smell that all children felt like eating the glue rather than using it.. Hence it was totally worth spending some time peeling the fresh almonds, making an old dream coming true!  The fresh almond smell is very narcotic. It links and blends perfectly with all other ingredients.  A soothing balm to taste!

So, carpaccio ou tartare? what is your summer favorite?

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