Redcurrant crumble, with oats, white chocolate and coconut

[LOVE TIP 45′] The redcurrants and gooseberries call me from the fridge. With their bright crimson red, they look like a handful of precious ruby.


I am starting to crave crumble.. very quickly I assemble flour, oats, sugar, butter, white chocolate and coconut

Eating oats makes me feel healthy

White chocolate and coconut is a perfect combination with oats. It tastes like grains and biscuits and balances the acidity of redcurrants.

Vice, do I need to emphasize? A spoon of Chantilly cream.. I used lite cream, big mistake..

crumbl4Recipe : 100g flour + 80g oats+ 80g butter+100g sugar + white chocolate/grated coconut -up to you to decide how much…takes about 30′ to bake.