Freeze it! Strawberry and fresh almond cappucino

[Happy veggie] With this heat wave how about a strawberry and fresh almond Cappucino ? Like an airy cloud in mouth?
soupe fraise amande

Strawberry soup- using Mara and a drop og orange blossom water. Both contain an aromatic ingredient (reminding of wild strawberries) which explain why they marry so well. Plus with this flavour you don’t need to sugar so much. .

Home-made Chantilly whipped cream, fresh almond, you’re done. This is a very light and fresh dessert, perfect for this temperature.

It is still so hot that after having used all the ice in my freezer I’m dreaming or finding refuge in it! So I decided to make some frozen yoghourt

Blend some creamy yoghourt, mascarpone, matcha powder and sweetened condensed milk. I whisked it so that it is more onctuous. Then I poured the strawberry coulis. It looks like candy. Wait for it to freeze, could go to watch movie, somewhere with air cond..

By the way next time I’ll try with basil instead of matcha for extra freshness

What about you? how do you refresh these days?