Octopus roll and gaspacho, ginger and lemongrass

[LOVE TIP 45′] what about some octopus roll?

final dish

final dish

I cooked octopus for the first time and enjoyed it. It is a kind of challenge to start from scratch:  clean, cut, peel (although am not convinced it was that useful). You may find  here a very useful (and gore)  tutorial by Jamie Olivier to deal with the monster.. It simmered for more than an hour in a broth with ginger, lemongrass and hot chili. You may know that ginger has been traditionnally used in China with seafood for its taste but also its antibacterial properties. Makes 2 good reasons to use it.

Once cooked, roll it. May at first look kind of gore I admit. But once cold and cut, it looks really neat and appetizing.

For the gazpacho I baked red pepper and seasoned it with coriander seeds, used Crimée tomatoes (the black ones, very tasty). I could have pushed further the seasoning like a tom yam (would use lime, tamarin…) but chose to keep it light to enjoy as much as possible the octopus natural flavour

This first attempt was quite tasty. Will definitely try alternative options!