Soy milk for dummies

[NUTRIgastronomie] The best investment I have ever done (in my kitchen!) was buying a soy milk machine when I went to China, upon recommendation of my Chinese doctor.

Fresh soy milk is light, easy to digest, full of calcium and nutrients, and really delicious. It is plain and easy to do at home. Once you have tried, there is no coming back and buying the stuff sold in stores. With home-made milk  you make sure there is no chemical thickener or preservative. You can also add some vanilla or any flavour (almond, tonka, chocolate..) you like.

If you are thoughtful you can plan to soak the beans the night before (better and it will preserve your machine). But if it’s a last minute crave, no problem, just pick the right option on the machine, it will squeeze them stronger. In any case, within 10 minutes you have a fresh, tasty and healthy vegetal milk to start the day. Plus you can replace soy beans with almond, oat or rice, or  even do your own combination for a change.

Step 1 : pick organic and if possible NON GMO soy beans

Step 2: Rinse and soak one cup

Step 3 : Pour water. I like it light so go for 1,5 of water. If you prefer a creamier version, pour only 1,3 l

Step 4: pour the beans in the machine container

Step 5: Pick the right option depending on overnight soaked beans (humid beans on left) or “dry” beans (meaning I have soaked them for … 5’…)

Step 6: the machine purees the beans, “juices” them and cooks the milk. You can go and have your shower..

Step 7 : You get fresh soy milk on one side, okara on the other. Okara is: the soya grounds that is traditionaly cooked with vegetables in Japan.

Okara:I decided to use it and bake  some pastry instead for the first time. It was genius! will come back on it through a dedicated post

Soy milk : you can have it plain or flavored. It can also be used in fresh sweet/salted soup. I remember a delicious panna cotta  with agar agar, soy milk, yuzu and nuts..

How do you like your soy milk? do you cook with it?

Ps: of course you can do your own soy milk at home without a machine , but it is more tedious:

– soak the beans overnight, mix them, pour in a casserole and gently cook them until foam forms on the surface, filter it (using an etamin). Keep the okara if you want to make use of it; you’re done.