15th August. No-brain meal and swiss specialties

[LOVE TIP] Hi my name is Nabila* and I spent 10 days cooking for a whole bunch of family and friends. Tried to please wild carnivores ( most severe cases able to swallow 2 pounds of red meat a day should you not stop them), sausages not included.. Taken care of those who watch out and eat their salads without sauce while almost stopping bread. Fed and educated pre-teens who look for the flour in the fridge and mistake tomatoes for apricots (not joking, they ate the tomato tart with the salad, and once done, kindly said that the apricot tart was delicious.. ok It was yellow tomatoes. But big laugh! )..

So 10 days of great meals, poached veal salad, tomato tart with wild thyme, pumpkin coconut tomato curry soup, spring rolls, and grilled eggplants, mien ga (the traditional Vietnamese chicken soup with transparent vermicelli).. One rule: you should not end the meal in less time that the one I used to prepare it. Masticate. Enjoy. I confess . The night I prepared a special Vietnamese meal and that 3 sweeties sneaked in the kitchen to grill some bread and end the dinner with cheese, I took it badly. Some buttons should not be pressed.. The day you met my mother syndrome, sorry..

In any case I need to compile some more recipes for big gatherings (options of  picnic, self-made rolls, raw tart and whole soup with less than 5 ingredients). If you are used to deal with big tables, beyond tomatoe-mozzarella and melon-ham, what are your preferred instant recipes?

I am now back in Paris. On 15th August, everything has slowed down or closed. Today is the day for no cooking.

1. Cut the melon.

2. Pick  a good cold cut. Viande des Grisons (Swiss ) was my choice, for taste and implicit quality.

3. Pour some ready made gaspacho. Alvalle is a good brand.

3. Am looking for the Tete de Moine grater. This Swiss cheese comes in small flowers and is delicious as is. The thin cut helps to savour every inch of it. 3 strolls and there you are…

* Nabila:”star” of French reality show, instantly famous for her line “allo quoi”…to use and reuse when you want to sound smart and elegant…