Plums, tamarind and spices…

[Happy Veggie] What can you do with plums? Stew them. Easy and simple. More than that they are very versatile. You can use this stew in various ways. Plums and tamarind have the same digestive properties. I tend to replace tamarind with plums in summer, in all sauces or sweet and sour soups. Tamarind paste brings a suave and sour taste but the paste I buy in shops has lost a lot of its aroma. As I also tend to privilege in my cooking fresh and local ingredients, cooking fresh plums enables me to capture all of its flavors while making the most of its tender and delicate pulp.

Stew the plums with some thyme and a spoon of (lavender) honey to sweeten (plums are often quite sour especially once simmered). Thyme and lavender blend perfectly. Used with fruits they bring a light and surprising twist that I find very nice. I also added a handful of rapsberries for the colour and sweet flavour .

15aout 091Option 1. Dessert. Ready in 10′ . Savour as is or with yoghurt. You can also start a crumble from there.

Option 2. Chutney:  Add coriander seeds and curry powder. Or add curry paste and let simmer 5 minutes more

Option 3. Sour and sweet broth.  Add (fresh) peeled tomatoes and prepare a broth with lemongrass, ginger and sea shells or fish. Serve with lime and cilantro. If you can get hold of it , use ngo om. It makes a real difference!

Option 4. Spring roll sauce. Customize an Asian barbecue sauce (“tuong”) with a big spoon of plums, press garlic and add thinly sliced hot chili pepper (don’t forget to unseed beforehand or be prepared to cry 🙂 ) . Crush some peanuts. This sauce will be delicious with fresh spring rolls.

What about you, do you cook plums? What do you prepare with them?  Enjoy your (long?) we!