Borage, the vegetal oyster herb

[SNIFF KISS/NUTRIgastronomie] Do you know borage? Have you ever tasted it? It is litteraly a vegetal oyster. It tastes amazingly like it. Its aquatic facet is much stronger than the burnet which reminds me more of watermelon. So fascinating…

The blue flowers are more common than the white ones.

It is used in phytotherapy for its gamma linoleic acids (omega 6), which contribute to supple and elastic skin. Borage oil, made from the seeds, is used as a beauty supplement to be ingested or applied directly on skin ( pierce a pill and massage gently your humid skin) . Make sure the traceability and quality of the oil is good since it tends to oxydate quickly and easily. It is also especially relevant and efficient for stretch marks prevention/treatment.

For those who are lucky enough to have fields of them (it is a perennial widely used for pollenisation) , beware it contains alcaloids – especially in the stems– that may be harmful to the liver (increases tumor risks). So stay cautious and refrain from consuming too much of green soups or herbal teas!

Now how can you use borage? Keeping it simple. Flavour a good salted butter,  butter some good grilled toast. This is already a good start and I finf this very satisfying…

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