Tender-green cold soup, hope and colour therapy in action

[HAPPY VEGGIE] This is the story of a tender-green cold soup, tender like friendship, green like hope. A cold soup shared yesterday night on the terrace with friends, who kindly and generously tended to my poor computer, iphone and external disk all struggling with synchronization, missing data (-PST where have you gone?!!!?), and my chronical helplessness (-now in the open-) to manage all wifi and icloud synchronizations.

If you graduated from college (prerequisite) and went on for 10 years (minimum) in computer science, you may know exactly what should be done to ensure the proper back ups.  As I did not I lost some key files and “swore but a bit late, that I would never be fooled again…”

But with a brand new upgraded computer set up, hope comes back, life is green again! Italian have tiramisu to litteraly lift them up. On my side I prepared a tender green cold soup to celebrate returning hope. Colortherapy in action: green hope to dissipate red anger, dark bitterness and black despair. Some good Pinot on the side did also help by the way.

The vegan-non dairy- no gluten recipe, with detailed proportions for Lucie!

1 honeydew melon, green

1 cucumber, green

1,5 lime juice, green

1 soup spoon of olive oil, green

a bunch (5 stems) of mint leaves, green

a pack of silky tofu (around 100g)

salt, pepper

1. Cut the melon and the cucumber

2 Mix them with 50 cl (a big mug) of water, lime juice, tofu and mint leaves

3 Add the olive oil (optional), a pinch of salt and peper

4 Set the bowls. I added some borage to boost the aquatic notes of honeydew and cucumber. This accounts for my “sweet” recipe with borage.  It worked very well. (If you want to have a look at a salty dish with borage, click here

What about you? what’s your lift-me -up food?