Happy days in a bottle. The top 5 summer smell & taste

[SNIFF KISS/My Madeleine] Don’t scream. I saw the first fallen leaves here in Paris on a beautiful Saturday. It just dawned on me then. This is going to end. Cringe. Hence to encapsulate the summer fragrances and flavors will unmistakably help me recall these happy days. Actually this is a compilation of family and friends …

Summer taste top 5

1. Everything grilled on BBQ. Meat and sausages.But also eggplants and (red) peppers ..Boys and girls, all happy

2. Chocolate. A square or rather the whole bar. Because it melts. Or even worse, you have to get up to put it back in the fridge (hello there! are all the 7 bars already gone?!! you have eaten them ALL? ..) The younger ones are  endlessly drinking  bottles of Cacolac

3. Swimming pool water. Some are drinking it litteraly..as long as they don’t get drown. I guess it’s ok!

4. Peaches, nectarines and apricots. Bunches of them.

5. Tomatoes. Real ones, tasty ones. So tasty that a (yellow) tomato tart was even confused with apricot tart..(but I do not usually serve apricot tart with salad !)  ha ha. this will remain in history…

Summer smells. Top 5

1. Sunscreen. Garnier Ambre Solaire aftersun. Its white floral fragrance with a subtle hint of aquatic notes is just perfect Such a pity the after-sun does not come without sparkles. .Also, Nuxe Huile prodigieuse and its white flowers. L’Oreal and its fruity peach-apricot fragrance. By February I love to use Bronze Goddess (E Lauder). This generous warm and sexy fragrance helps me forget the clouds and  cross the middle of winter.

2. Sea. Ocean waves and sea spray. To recall with Eau d’ISsey, Rem and Kenzo water.

3.  Coffee spreading in the house in the morning . If there is some toasted bread , all the better !

4. Grass, hay, scrubland. The first breath of air when opening the window in the morning. Try the wonderful candle “dans les foins” at Merci. Also “foins coupés” by Dyptique.

5. BBQ smoke. Year acquisition and event.. I doubt though you want to fragrance your house with it in winter. So here comes a 5bis in bonus

5bis bonus: Nap in the fresh shadow of  a fig tree . Refresh with elegant Eau Parfumée au thé vert by Bulgari. I never get bored of Thé pour un été de L’Artisan parfumeur neither. Also love fresh and modern Impératrice by Dolce Gabbana .For fig leaves, I love to wear Nuit étoilée by Annick Goutal . It takes me into the memory of a beautiful night. And more casual  Fleur de figuier by Roger & Gallet is the only fig fragrance combined with blackcurrant. It makes a change with the common fig- coconut accord …Its body cream is somptuous

What about you? What are your favorite Top 5 summer smell and taste? Do you have rituals in winter to recall the sun?