Californian roll with smoked salmon, mascarpone, rucola and sesame

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After the maki comes the  californian roll. A fusion version with smoked salmon, cream cheese (or mascarpone), cucumber , rucola and sesame. Mellow and crisp, smoked and fresh. A recipe with delicate flavours, nice and easy  to do  step by step !


Photo Charlotte Brunet

Behind the scene I started with some preliminary trials of recipe and dressing. What if the pale green mascarpone (wasabi, cucumber, chives) looked like an ice cream scoop..?

Then J day  comes with the shooting of vidéo and pictures for Tanoshi. The one who looks like she is taking an exam over there, it’s me… arghhh. The rucola was supposed to stick to the roll.. Cut and shoot again!  arghhh, the lights are too hot and mascarpone is melting.. Let’s put everything back in the fridge and start again! .. hoping that the filling will remain centered and that I don’t forget anything.. Do I look tense? nope- just totally focused..

At the end I must say it was delicious (and we did eat a lot of rolls from first trials to execution).. I enjoyed the experience very much and am grateful to the whole team. Next time I swear I will be more relaxed 🙂

For 24 sushis . Time : 35’

– 1 Tanoshi  sushi kit (comes with rice , vinegar, wasabi, nori sheets, ginger, rolling mat)

– 2 ts ofsésame Tanoshi

– 250 g of cream cheese

– 3 slices of smoked salmon

– 1 cucumber

– 1 handful of rucola

– chives

Cook the rice as indicated on the pack. Set aside

Flavour the cream cheese with wasabi and sliced chives. Cut the cucumber in sticks.

On a nori sheet spread the rice , taking 2/3 of the sheet. Sprinkle with sesame and put the rocket leaves. Press (hard)

Flip the nori sheet, keeping the part with rice close to you. Place the smoked salmon. In the middle put the cucumber sticks and then the cream cheese.

Roll! Cut in 8 even parts. You may want to put everything in the fridge for 5-10′ before cutting to make it easier. Enjoy!