Angel hair pasta, walnut pesto, red orach and shiso. The road to heaven is purple

[BONNE MINE] Indulge yourself and have these voluptuous pasta, the best I have had for a while; So delicious I could not help having them for lunch and dinner…

Back from the market, my eye is caught by purple, green and crimson red. Still vivid and bright hues but already darker shades arrive… Purple, I love this vibrationaub1

This is the end of summer but not  autumn yet. I feel like moving on and cook a dish with somehow more density, while keeping it plain and light.


aub3When visiting friends in Italy by the lakes they made me discover a “crema di noci” , the local walnut pesto. I stocked it for a long time, saving it for some starving occasion. Big mistake, no need to be hungry. This is totally compulsive : crushed walnuts, grated parmigiano, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. When ingredients are of the highest quality, keeping it simple makes it perfect

Just grab some angel hair pasta (fresh ones in Chinese shops are the perfect choice) and cook them al dente. A handful of red orach : they taste like spinach except that they have a delicious hint of fugitive blackcurrent fragrance. Some shiso leaves :Their scents release peppery notes along with some cumin. They are perfect to spice up and lift the luscious and onctuous walnut cream. Ultimate luxury some artichoke, they leave a somehow suave taste which perfectly compensate the astrigency of walnuts..

These angel hair pasta were a jolt to the senses! Besides red aroch and shiso both contain anthocyanins (also to be found in most red berries), appreciated for their anti oxydant properties. No reason to refrain, enjoy..

For 2 (en 15′)

– 2 servings of angel hair pasta (or   spaghettini)

– 2 handfuls of red orach , 2 artichoke hearts

– 2 soup spoons of walnut cream (in Italian gourmet shops. Or do your own at home and stock it!)

– shiso leaves, parmigiano (optional)

1. Cook the angel hair al dente (1 minute and a half in boiling water)

2. Stir briefly the red aroch, cook the artichoke hearts and slice

3 Mix the pasta, the walnut cream, and veggies

4 Sprinkle with shiso leaves and freshly grated parmesan . Enjoy!

What about you? what’s your ultimate pasta recipe?