Sniffkiss turns one year!

[SNIFFKISS] Sniffkiss turns one year already ! One year that a first post on Facebook about honey dream and basil flowers brought some more light to my life, and I hope maybe some more to yours…


Thanks a lot for stopping by, trusting me, testing and tasting recipes, joining workshops ..

We are now above 300.. with wordpress, tumblr, pinterest and twitter 🙂 So click, suscribe and forward to your friends. Let’s share Happy veggie and Love tip recipes, fragrance dreams with My Madeleine, Sniffkiss insights and Nutrigastronomie diktats (!)  Welcome to my world, one feet in Europe, one feet in Asia, eyes in the sky and nose in the wind always and ever…

The more, the merrier!

Bloopers : no there is no rice. And this ? .. is coarse salt../These are carrots (ok purple ones), not beetroot../ you want to mix salmon, goat cheese, carrots, beetroots in the same dish. What do I think? well…/this was a tomato tart, not apricot..

Frantic and fanatic about…: okara discovery/ fresh herbs testing like.. watermelon, oyster, cumin…/all about chili paste and chili jam/ acid-alkalin diet : lemon is not acidic/ food has its own energy and is meant to nourish your qi – ok stop laughing/ all fig-fragrance lovers, let’s start a club.. not mentioning mimosa, green tea, chypre…/ the difference between an American cheese sandwich and a croque monsieur../ another recipe with tomato? YES!

Big sniffkiss to all. Let’s celebrate and start 2nd year with a NO BAKE CHEESECAKE lemon-yuzu/ matcha-chestnut-rapsberries 


For 2 glasses

–  2 lemon cookies- scratched, 2 ts of matcha, 2 ts of yuzu butter (or regular butter + lime zest)

–  2 cottage cheese (0% I’m addicted, more dense and more compact), a ss of agar agar powder to dilute in hot water, 2 ts of chestnut cream

–  to dress: 2 rapsberries, matcha

1. Crush the cookies into fine crumbs. Mix with matcha and melted butter

2. Dilute the agar agar in some boiling water and pour in the cottage cheese. Add the chestnut cream. Instead of mixing thoroughfully I kept a scoop in the middle like a melting heart.

3 Dress the glass with the crust, the cottage cheese, decoate with rapsberries. Let it cool for one hour. Enjoy!

I love matcha with chestnut cream. It is lighter and more tasty than red azuki paste (also easier to find here). I also regularly combine matcha with rapsberries in cakes or creams. Subtly bitter and light fruit works well. And blending yuzu with cottage cheese.. it’s the cherry on the cake! 1 year, let’s celebrate!