Kale green smoothie, or do you like cabbage water?

[NUTRIgastronomie] If you haven’t heard so far about kale, it is because you are not American, nor Australian. Because they consume lots of it: liters of green smoothie and bags of green chips.It is a superfit superfood belonging to the family of brocolis. It is actually the only curly cabbage that doesn’t grow into a  a head shape. With anticancer, anti inflammatory, antioxydant properties, loaded with fibers it is hence  much better than (French) fries.. I just found some in Paris at least, and decided to give it a go. Californian girl way, I switched coffee-brioche for a super green smoothie this morning

Green smoothie in the morning, anguish. You know what? I am not found of it.. On a scale from 1 to 10, I’ll give a 5. The ingredients I used were kind of mild though : honeydew melon, white peach, lime.. Colour is bright and fantastically appealing. Like a superwoman potion with hyperpowerful effects I have taken a shot of vitamins A, C, K, lutein, betacaroten and calcium. At least this was a motivation to swallow some cabbage water.. Green tea by comparison is Petrus

Next time (I have now a whole bunch of kale in my fridge, calling for action) I will add banana, almond cream, and even possibly avocado, to blend and soften the green taste.

And because this is turning into an atomic caloric bomb I could as well go for kale chips. Starting the day with expresso and chips.. is going to set me in a good mood!

Now that I have drunk this cabbage water tasting like grass I feel super fit and wish you a good day! And to all those who have a favorite recipe of kale smoothie : please be kind and forward it..

In Libéfood “A boire” column today.. There is more than wine in life, I tell you… Thanks Libéfood!