Kale chips, a blond joke. Or how to swing your veggies into healthy snacks

[LOVE TIP] Back to work or school? stressed? feel like grabbing a full bag of chips in front of TV? NOOOoooOOO! Don’t do this. Do your own kale chips! In 30′, easy and almost no calorie, and so guilt-free.


Cooking made easy. You need the oven, kale, 2 hands, oil and salt. Ready?

Being blonde, step by step:

1 Wash the kale leaves and retrieve the big stems (you keep only the leaves part)

2 Pour olive or regular oil . Massage the leaves. Use your hands, it will moisturize them. 2in1! Sprinkle salt, and if you like it paprika and cumin. .

3 Preheat oven at 5, bake for 20-25′. Beware don’t let the leaves grill. If you’re perfectionist, turn the leaves after 10′. If you’re blonde or dying to be, don’t move and let them be..

Right, look for the sofa, collapse, indulge. No worry, tomorrow, yoga..

PS : Where can you find kale in Paris…? that is the problem.. @ J Thiebaut (marché alma marceau wednesday and saturday), or in 10ème thekaleproject, 55 quai de Valmy, which also lists other markets details here

rePS: finding kale = headache? this recipe works with beetroots, carrots, pumpkin, turnips and guess what, even potatoes.. Actually all root vegetables will be perfect provided you slice them thinly.