East-Western automnal salads : bright yellow and earthy roots

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Back from the market I can only observe that automn has for sure landed in Paris. Even tomatoes are yellowish


First chanterelles and mirabelles, carrots and beetroots, root vegetables are back ..

If I go East, you get a  “goi” ( Vietnamese salad) .(click on the pic for the recipe)

Pear, radish, carrot goi http://wp.me/p3iY4S-6r

Pear, radish, carrot goi http://wp.me/p3iY4S-6r

If I stay in France, you get a super easy salad of bright yellow tasty carrots, raw beetroot, goat cheese and parsley. Vivid colours, contrasted textures , earthy and zesty flavors.. Don’t forget the olive oil, it does make a difference!

What about you? Have you changed your cooking pattern with more autumnal recipes?