Fragrances of fall: Swirl of leaves and petals

[MY Madeleine] I love autumn and its flamboyant shades. The air smells of leaves and earth. First chanterelles and mirabelles.. with their ravishing yellow and warm tones mark the start of a new term.


Lausanne, by the lake…

I baked my first seasonal crumble without thinking about it : blue plums,  figs, oats  cardamom.

If fall is now in the kitchen, it is also on skin..The end with fresh and watery fragrances, welcome back Coco Mademoiselle. I live a true love affair with this elegant chypre. Curiously I always want to wear it when I am in airports. A fragrance with subtle but real structure. The very moment I wear it I tend to readjust my posture, just like a jacket that makes you stand up straight…A sophisticated fragrance perfect for urban and professional environment

On another level I am also reverting to the powdery iris fragrances, which echo the return of roots and earthy scents. Heure Exquise by Annick Goutal and Melangrano  by Santa Maria Novella are both deliciously classic and slightly out of an intemporal pashmina on the shoulders

But the latest  discovery and crush is  truely Flower in the air by Kenzo, a swirl of petals 

Enriched with a graceful and sweet rose, this floral version is  a more airy interpretation than the classical Flower, which makes it easier for me to wear. The rose is  complemented by a luminescent and vibrant gardenia, toned down by the very recognizable powdery accord .

Flower in the air makes for a soft embrace. Creamy but luminous it is perfect for these first days of autum..

What about you? Have you switched back to more seasonal fragrances , and which ones?