Brussells, ma belle… You will love this gratin

[LOVE TIP] First gratin! you are going to love the smell of grilled cheese. Close your eyes, you’re in the montains, aboout to savour a fondue in a chalet… Tour de force in 30′, plus this dish will make you love Brussels sprouts.


Well cooked these green cute green balls are  irresistible. They are too often looked upon because they remind us of precisely not ungforgettable memories… too cooked , badly cooked.. Now change your mind and rediscover these greens.. And I am not sponsored by the Brussels sprout organization, nor do I like sprout all the time.. ( green kale smoothie )

 Brussels ma belle Gratin For 4 if served on the side, for 2 as main dish

 2 big potatoes

– 10 Brussels sprouts

– 125 cl of milk, 3 ss of thick cream

– 200 g of dense cheese (comté, gruyère…) 

– 1 clove of garlic 1 pinch of nutmeg, 2 leaves of laurel, pepper 

1. Peel and thinky slice the potatoes. Do the same with the sprouts ( 1 sprout = 3 slices). This will help fasten the cooking , really

2. Blanch the veggies 3′. The purpose of this step is 1) accelerate the baking of the gratin. Veggies will absorb the liquid and become mellow almost instantly 2) will promote sprouts digestion (normally all cabbage to be cooked twice) . As they are blanched for 3′ only this will prevent heavy smells to invade the apartments.

3. Layer in a tin the slices of potatoes, cheese, sprouts.. ending with potatoes and cheese.

5. Mix the cream, milk and seasoning. Pour over

6. Bake in a preheated oven (6-7) for 15-20′ . Once the liquid is absorbed and cheese is golden, it’s ready

Rque: For those who want to skip the blanching, lengthen the baking duration by 20′. Cover with foil after 10′ so that it does not burn .


–  All cabbage (brocoli , cauliflower, kale, bok choy, ..) are rich in Vitamin C, caroten and anticancer nutriments. Plan to eat them regularly (salad, wok, soups, japanese pancakes…)

– potatoes are alcaline (in contrary to bread, pasta made of wheat).This gratin combines potatoes and sprouts , both alcaline whle cheese and milk are acidic. At the end this is a well-balanced dish in regards to pH ; Even better if you serve it with a salad

Try, you’ll tell me if you do now enjoy brussels sprouts. And if you have good recipes, pass them on! Enjoy your we!