No more sun dried tomatoes? Try roasted beetroots.. with a hint of “bitter”

[HAPPY VEGGIE] How can you make the best use of beetroots ? raw in Eastern-Western salad  done, in root vegetable chips done, for vegetal sashimi look here… But roasted like tomatoes was still something to explore..

Roasting beetroots concentrates their tastes while making them soft and mellow. They are less watery and really delicious this way. The secret is in seasoning. As beetroots are quite sweet, they call for sharpness.Eaten raw in salads all zesty and acid sauces will make wonders, but when roasted I found that some bitterness brings versatility and reveal a new interesting side.

Bitter! bitterness like sharpness are 2 tastes really interesting to explore. Spontaneously rejected by children, adults learn to reappreciate them later on. Like  a trace of animality in fragrances, a hint of bitterness will bring body and presence to the whole dish.

Bitters.. currently makes mixologists and new trendy cocktails twist. The hippest thing being able to use an original recipe.. As I recently discovered a home-made bitter recipe, the idea matured.. I infused beautiful deep red hibiscus flowers  brought back from China, along with some daisy petals. I added some Sechuan pepper and green cardamom. The blend gave something … bitter, aromatic, floral, pungeant, herbal, with  long lasting freshness. Like a breeze. No need to add mandarine zest.

I skipped the alcohol (it looks like alcohol but it is Not alcohol..) and directly prepared a bitter seasoning : a drop of soy sauce and 2 ts of purple cranberry juice later, some pistachio and mint leaves enrich the whole with  some crunch and cool notes…Sprinkle with sea salt and enjoy.

Ingredients (for 2)

– 1 beetroot, 1 ss olive oil

– mint, a small handful of pistachios, sea salt

Bitter:  3-4  dried hibiscus flowers, 1 ss of dried daisy (or chamomille), 2 ss of cranberry juice, 1 green cardamom pod sechuan pepper ( or black pepper), a drop of soy sauce


– Wash , peel and dice the beetroot. Coat with olive oil and roast at 100° for 40′

– Infuse the flowers and spices in 7 ml of water, add cranberry juice and soy sauce.

– Set up the beetroot morcels, pour the bitter sauce, sprinkle the pistachios and mint leaves. Add some salt, ready!

Do you enjoy some bitterness in your food? in what kind of dish?