How a faux pas turns into meatballs

[LOVE TIP 15′] If I wanted to be posh I would say I am a “flexitarian” with a 80-20% consumption of vegetables- meat/fish diet. Which is quite easy as Vietnamese food is “naturally” tasty and rich in herbs and vegetables.

If I want to make it short I would say I have bought some tournedos at the supermarket.. Faux pas.. they were hard..

Hence I decided to turn them into meatballs. With all ongoing food scandals I want to know what meatballs are made of…So in Vietnamese meatballs (ready within 15′), you will find :boulette1For 2 : Vietnamese meatballs. Top Chrono 15′

– 200 g of beef (here tournedos, but frankly… #howtorecyclehardmeat )

– Seasoning : cilantro, mint, a shallot, 1 tea spoon of roasted rice powder “bot thin” in exotic store , 1/2 tea spoon of fish sauce (“nuoc mam”)

1. Ground the meat. Add all seasoning elements. The grounded rice powder brings a delicious nutty flavour. Herbs keep everything fresh and tasty

2. Form the meatballs in your palms. Flatten them slightly

3. Pour a soup spoon of oil in the pan (use some “neutral” oil like arachide or sunflower oil), quickly cook them on both sizes. Serve with white rice, even better if sticky, and a small salad. Enjoy!

What is your favorite recipe of meatballs or croquettes?

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