Miso..gynous leek in the kitchen… Let’s braise it!

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Because a good laugh can really make you happy, this (veggie) recipe will delight all those who believe ironing is not especially a woman thing; and that men able to iron can be sexy – especially the ones able to iron … leeks.. What am I talking about? Here comes the explanation of something that was not supposed originally to be a private joke.

poireau4It all started with a not so stylish calender  (more here, in French) featuring a chef in the kitchen surrounded by women in strings, neatly accessorized with whip and leek…

You don’t find this funny? or it leaves you speechless? well the photographer indicates it must have to do with your lacking sense of humour…

We were discussing this in the cloakroom after yoga session this morning ( indeed women do have some conversation topics in there !) and it dawned on us. The tip of the day would be that the chef returns to his kitchen to take care of (his?) leek . Iron it? there is a much better option, braise it! we may prefer it this way…

Here comes the recipe of braised leek or how a star-chef inspired a luscious piping hot and mellow leek recipe, to be braised with miso and white wine. Very easy. For 2

– 4 leeks

– 1/2 glass of white wine, 1 ss of white MISO! [ginous] (no need for salt), pepper, thyme, 1 ss of butter

– grated cheese (a handful)

1. Wash and cut the leeks

2 Melt the butter in a pan with the thyme sprigs, add the leeks and golden them. Pour the white wine , add miso and pepper

3 Pre heat the oven at 7, put the leeks in a mold and cover with foil. Bake for 25 ‘ Remove the foil , sprinkle with cheese and let it melt for 5’. At the end the leeks should be tender and mellow

Enjoy, and for those who mentionned they did iron toasted sandwich ( French croque monsieur..and I didn’t invent that!..), please drop it.. With so many easy recipes and love tip available it would be pure vice to keep doing it 🙂