Pear, black radish and turnip glazed in butter. Thyme and lapsang souchong

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Tender chunks of pear, black radish and turnip glazed in butter, subtly flavored with thyme and lapsang souchong (smells of smoke) . This dish stands between a warm salad and a twisted Tatin. Perfect for a rainy day…

All vegetables and fruits  are first glazed in some butter and then softly cooked with a bit of water, in which thyme and lapsang souchong infuse delicatly. Cover the pan with a lid and let simmer for 10′ .

This dish combines marvelously these seasonal ingredients. You can have it

1- as is

2- with grilled toast and blue cheese. Fourme d’Ambert is just perfect

3- with 5-spices duck for a more Asian oriented meal

I also invite you to discover the fantastic book “Collages et recettes” by Alain Passard. You will feel like running straight to the market or in the garden.. He combines black radish and pear with tapenade, olive oil and parmesan…

In the meantime you will for sure encounter more recipes with pear and radish.. For the crunchy Vietnamese way , click here

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