Ghosts and kabocha from East to West..#halloween #jasmine pear #salted butter caramel

[SNIFF KISS]  Halloween and pumpkins are so popular now in France. I don’t know if you enjoy all the fuss ? As a child and living in the US I remember how excitement grew daily : preparing the pumpkin, candies to collect, cartoons of Dennis the menace…

On the other side of the planet, from Bangkok to Hong-Kong intense pumpkin decoration and merchandising are also now raging. But when it comes to scary stories I relate more to Chinese ghost stories, to slammed doors that reveal some spirit passing by…than witches and pumkins.. For a change discover the spell of Thai ghost stories and relish as deliciously told by SheSimmers..

And for those who really want a pumpkin, here comes a kabocha cake with Jasmine pear and salted butter caramel...Tea tanins compensate the richness of salted butter caramel, the jasmine wonderfully melts with the flowery pear.. and some coconut mild blends it just right ..

pumkin and pear cake with salted butter caramel

pumkin and pear cake with salted butter caramel


Recipe for 4 

–       A kabocha

–       3 soups spoons of sticky rice flour  (or maizena)

–       100 ml of coconut milk

–       vanilla

–       1 pear

–       Jasmine tea

–       100g of salted butter

–       6 ss of sugar

–       2 ts of cream

Pumpkin part

Peal and remove the seeds of the kabocha. Boil and mix the pulp. Add the sugar, vanilla, flour and coconut milk. Steam it for 10′ in a bamboo baskett

Pear poached in tea 

Peal the pear, slice it in 4, poach it 10 ‘ in a very strong tea. No need to sweeten. The caramel will bring the sugar. Let infuse, cool down and slice thinly.

Salted butter caramel

Pour the sugar in a casserole and let it melt. When it becomes liquid, add the butter, keep stirring, then pour the cream until you obtain the right consistency


Cut a round shape of pumpkin cake, put the pear slices on it, add the caramel.. ready! Enjoy!